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Title: Clexa Fanart Book
Creator: LGBT Fans Deserve Better
Date(s): 2016
Medium: print book
Fandom: The 100
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cover by papurrcat
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The Clexa Fanart Book is a 62-page print book of Clexa fanart contributed by over 20 fanartists. It was created by the people behind as part of the LGBT Fans Deserve Better movement. Proceeds from the book were donated to the Leskru WW fundraiser for The Trevor Project, a charity that provides suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth in crisis.

To fund the project, the organizers set up a GoFundMe page on May 29, 2016, which raised over $40,000 by the June 8 deadline.[1] By July 22, 2016, the first run of the books had been shipped out to everyone who had donated the requisite amount.[1] A second print run was crowdfunded through an Indiegogo campaign, raising nearly $5,000.[2][3]

Organizers' Statement

From the organizers:[1]

Who we are:

We are a group of fans working together to make this book a reality and we started:

Where we're from:

Individually, we are from all over the world. The books themselves are being printed for distribution in California.

Our relationship to The Trevor Project:

Our fandom has been raising money for The Trevor Project since March - this is another way for us to raise a bit more money for this important cause.

How the funds will be spent:

Book Creation - $10.40 per book (includes tax)
Shipping - $5 (US Standard); $11 - $12 (International Standard)

We can give more accurate breakdowns once the campaign has closed and we have accurate numbers.

How we intend to get the funds to those in need

We will be making the donation to the The Trevor Project via the fundraiser started in March that can be found at the following link:

Since March 3rd, the Clexa fandom has taken their pain and anger and turned it into something extraordinary. We have fought for change and raised over $130,000 to help at-risk LGBTQ youth.

We wanted to create something special to honor these characters who have inspired us all while giving fandom something tangible to remember them by and raise even more money for charity. And considering how ridiculously talented this fandom is, the Clexa fanart seemed the perfect way to achieve both.

We reached out to 20+ artists as well as a couple of writers in order to put this book together, which is a celebration of not only Clexa, but the fandom itself. There is artwork that showcases fandom head canons (racooon Lexa, Aden is their adopted child...Elyza Lex), depictions of our favorite moments and much more!

Here's a first look at a physical copy of the book itself (note - this is the back cover):

Link to image

Here's how this campaign works:

Donate $30 and the books is yours. The money is going towards production costs to create the book, shipping (price includes standard shipping domestic/international) with all leftover proceeds going to The Trevor Project.

Cost estimates are as follows:

Book Creation - $10.40 (includes tax)
Shipping - $5 (US Standard); $11 (International Standard)

Receipts will be posted along the way and all extra funds will be donated to The Trevor Project.

We will close donations on Wednesday, June 8th so that we can place the order to get the books made. If there is enough interest, we can turn them back on.

If you have any questions or have any special requests, please reach out to us and we'll do our best to help in any way we can!



The following artists contributed fanart to the book:

  1. critter-of-habit
  2. immochiball
  3. glping-art
  4. futagosa
  5. tatylovegood
  6. papurrcat
  7. takemetolurch
  8. terra-7
  9. toodrunktofindaurl
  10. sheep-in-clouds
  11. bibinella
  12. kira-maru
  13. akvilon-ru
  14. fapaniniart
  15. nautilvs
  16. cassiniregio
  17. posterheda
  18. draowing
  19. ymiiac
  20. theescapist11
  21. Jamantieva


Two writers also contributed fanfic:

  1. firetestsgold
  2. Harvardhands

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