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Synonyms: lottery
See also: doujinshi convention, Comiket, COMITIA
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Chuusen (抽選, chuusen), lottery, is the means by which some doujinshi conventions that get more applications from circles than they have available spaces select which circles will be allowed to participate. Lotteries can be a source of much anxiety among fans, and the results (当落通知, touraku tsuuchi, literally "win or lose notification") are awaited with great anticipation. A win (当選, tousen; in verb form, 受かる, ukaru or 当たる, ataru) is often greeted with relief, while a loss (落選, rakusen; in verb form, 落ちる, ochiru) can be cause for much online rending of garments. Fans who lose the lottery for Comiket often vent in the form of manrepo, tiny cartoons that are published in Comiket's catalog and on its website.

Using a lottery to chose participants is generally seen as a last resort for a convention with more applicants than spaces. No matter how fairly conducted, a lottery always ends up excluding some fans who want to participate, and many conventions will try to avoid a lottery by increasing the number of spaces or finding a larger location. If the number of excess applications is small, organizers may also bring down the number of participants by rejecting some applications from circles who submitted incomplete application forms.[1] In practice, the only doujinshi conventions where lotteries have become the norm rather than the exception are some very large regular conventions like Comiket and COMITIA. Circles who lose the lottery may of course attend as regular participants, forgoing the chance to sell their works. They sometimes sell their doujinshi anyway through itaku.


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