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Doujinshi Convention
Name: COMITIA (コミティア)
Dates: various
Frequency: 4 times per year in Tokyo, 2 times per year in Osaka, Nagoya, and Niigata
Location: various location in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Niigata
Number of Booths:
Focus: original doujinshi
Other Activities:
Organization: COMITIA Organizational Committee
Founded By:
Founding Date: 18 November 1984
URL: COMITIA official website
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COMITIA (コミティア) is a dojinshi convention for the exchange of original dojinshi (called orijinaru or sousaku). While many other large dojinshi conventions such as Comiket also have a large original dojinshi section, COMITIA is the largest convention focused completely on original dojinshi. COMITIA is organized by the COMITIA Organizational Committee (コミティア実行委員会, COMITIA jikkou iinkai), of which Kimihiko Nakamura (中村公彦) is the representative. The hundredth edition of COMITIA took place on 5 May 2012.

Locations and editions

The main con is held in Tokyo four times per year. Various convention sites in Tokyo play host to the con, depending on the size of the edition in question. Large-scale editions are held every year in Tokyo Big Sight during the Japanese "Golden Week" holiday. Smaller editions are held throughout the year in Sunshine City and other locations.

Associated COMITIA cons are held in other parts of Japan as well: Kansai COMITIA (twice per year in the OMM building in Osaka[1]), Nagoya COMITIA (Twice per year in WINC AICHI in Nagoya[2]), and Niigata COMITIA (twice per year in Toki Messe in Niigata[3]). Niigata COMITIA is organized by the same organizers as Gataket, another Niigata-based dojinshi convention for non-original dojinshi.[4]


Depending on the size of the edition, about 2000 to 3000 circles have participated in every COMITIA in recent years.[5] COMITIA100, the hundredth edition of the main con, is set to welcome about 5000 circles.[6]

A space at COMITIA will cost a circle about 6000 yen.[7] Because the number of applying circles has begun to exceed the number of spaces available, a lottery for participants was established for COMITIA89 in August 2009[8], although the con has also been trying to expand the space available to accomodate as many circles as possible.[9]

Entrance for buyers to COMITIA is free, although buying a catalog is obligatory. Participation in the "sample reading club" events costs 500 yen.[10]


COMITIA is focused largely on the sale of original dojinshi in all genres, mostly manga but also fiction and meta. Other works such as handicrafts and music are also sold. Dojinshi based on an existing work are not allowed. There is no cosplay at COMITIA.[11] COMITIA encourages circles to band together and organize smaller "cons within the con" centered on one theme. This practice, called "only events" at many other dojinshi conventions, is called "club activity" (部活動, bukatsudou) at COMITIA.[12]

Some professional mangaka also participate in COMITIA, selling their pro works directly to fans. They must participate as individuals; company booths are not allowed.[13]

Shortly after the main con, there is also a smaller event called "COMITIA sample reading club" (見本誌読書会, mihonshi dokusho kai) where fans can gather to read the sample dojinshi that were submitted by circles to the main con.[14] There is also a reading corner at the main con.


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