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Synonyms: itaku hanbai
See also: doujin shop
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Itaku (委託) literally means "consign". In Japanese doujin fandom, it denotes the practice of a doujinshi circle selling their doujinshi not directly to other fans, as is customary, but through an intermediary. This intermediary could be another circle that is attending a doujinshi convention that the first circle couldn't attend for some reason, or a doujin shop that sells mostly second-hand doujinshi. Itaku via a shop is also called "bookshop itaku" (書店委託, shoten itaku).[1]

Some conventions also have an "itaku corner" (委託コーナー, itaku koonaa), tables where doujinshi from circles who could not participate are offered for sale by the convention staff. If there's an itaku corner, the convention usually announces beforehand (for instance on pamphlets) how many circles can "participate as itaku" (委託参加, itaku sanka). The opposite of "participating as itaku", attending the convention in person and selling one's works directly to other fans while sitting at a space, is called "direct participation" (直接参加, chokusetsu sanka).

Itaku is also referred to as "consignment sale" (委託販売, itaku hanbai).


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