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Name: Chimerart
Alias(es): Chimera
Type: Fan artists, book cover illustrator
Fandoms: The X-Files, Gillian Anderson, Fantasy, BATB
Communities: tumblr, twitter
Other: comics
URL: Twitter account

Tumblr account

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Chimerart is a French Fan Artist, that focuses on the X-Files and Gillian Anderson fandoms/characters.

She works as a professional digital Artist painter, Fantasy Book cover illustrator that is primarily active on twitter and tumblr.

As of 2018 it was announced that Chimerart will be creating the cover for the #1 "Florida Man", a new IDW Publishing X-Files: Cases comic series.[1]

notable Fanworks

Chimerart has drawn a lot of characters portrayed by Gillian Anderson.

"Perfect interpretation of that moment. Wow."
comment by the official Gillian Anderson tumblr account on "Blanche Dubois n°6 “chiaroscuro" (Gillian Anderson as Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar named Desire

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  1. ^ Failing to tweet my whole cover of the 1st issue of @thexfiles comics, Case Files from @IDWPublishing, I give you a preview of some #CloseUps