Chains (Harry Potter story)

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Title: Chains and Chained
Author(s): Maya
Date(s): before March 2003
Length: 3,568 words (Chains) and 4,064 words (Chained)
Genre: humour, romance[1]
Fandom: Harry Potter
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Chains and its sequel, Chained, are Harry Potter fanfics by Maya. They are both Harry/Draco one-shots and rated PG-13.[1]

The stories were posted to Lasair and Maya's Fanfiction and Ramblings and the Potter Slash Archive.

The stories, along with Maya's other fics, were taken offline in November 2008 when Maya went pro. Though Maya has requested that fans not share her work with others, copies of the stories can still be found uploaded online or exchanged via email, either on their own or as part of The Complete Works of Maya.

Summary for "Chains": Filch missed the screaming when he was able to chain up his students. Um, apparently so did I. "Chains" opens with lyrics from "Chains" by Tina Arena.

Summary for "Chained": Crazy sequel to 'Chains' for Aja's birthday. Banners, more chains and also leather.

Fanworks Inspired by the Stories

Recs & Reviews

Adelina "niffled" (recced) "Chained" at FictionAlley Park on March 21, 2003.[2] She wrote:

Are you in the mood for something extremely funny and naughty? Something that will keep you laughing and giggling all the time while you're reading it and afterwards? If your answer is "yes!", then Chained by Maya is the right fic for you.

First I have to say that this story is the sequel to Chains, and it would make a lot more sense to read the prequel first, although the fic can be read as a stand-alone as well. For all of you interested in the prequel, here is a link to it. It's exactly as brilliant and humourful as the sequel, so check it out!

I've always found it very hard to review Maya's fics. All of them are unique and wonderfully written, and I feel unworthy to try to comment on them or analyse them. It's very difficult to pick a quote from her stories and label it as a "favourite line", because that would mean to quote the whole text.

Summary? Draco is chained to his bed and is demanding sex, Harry is wearing leather and is being naughty and shy at the same time, and Pansy sails the SS Guns and Handcuffs.

A number of other readers seconded the rec for "Chained" and "Chains" at the FicNifflers thread. Examples include:

Both this fic and this prequel are absolutely brilliant. A good mix of snappy dialogue and kinky slashy goodness-really, what's not to like?

I like the originality of the idea, and seeing Harry in leather for a change. The arch-nemesis comment is possibly the funniest thing I ever read. Or most disturbing....

Great story Maya![3]

Yay! ^__^ I read this fic a while ago and have been going back and reading it practically every week since then. It's some of the most brilliant slash I've read, and I do read loads of slash. ^^ I love how Maya writes Draco. He's incredibly close to canon, yet he has that witty, rebelious thing going for him. Plus, this fic is hiliarious and sexy. Harry has the cutest way of seducing, and I love when he finally gets into the moment and then Draco realizes he isn't dreaming. ^^ *siiigh* It's hard to find sweet, kinky little fics like these...[4]

cest_what recced the story on LiveJournal:

Harry/Draco. OMFG I want to die and be reborn as Maya. My hero worship is at seriously embarassing levels.

These two are gorgeous and funny, with mild smut; the second is the better one.[5]


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