Celebration (Final Fantasy VI doujinshi)

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Title: Celebration
Circle: Himajin Sentai ⅔
Doujinka: Sahri Kotobuki (琴吹さあ) and Suiha Kisaragi
Fandom: Final Fantasy
Date/s: May 3, 1994
Type: Manga
Size: 26 pages
Language: Japanese
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Celebration is a Final Fantasy VI gen doujinshi by Kotobuki Sahri and Suiha Kisaragi. Dialogues are handwritten. It contains several short humorous stories and some illustrations. It had four reeditions due to popular demand, the fourth reimpression being released on October 9 1994. It also includes a Free Talk section where the authors talk about their impressions of the game, the parts they liked the most, their favorite characters and even brief family anecdotes.

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