Samurai Errant

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Title: Samurai Errant
Publisher: Homosapien Press
Editor(s): Julie "Stew" Bozza
Date(s): 1988-1996
Series?: yes (5 issues)
Medium: print
Fandom: Buckaroo Banzai
Language: English
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Samurai Errant is a gen, explicit het, and slash Buckaroo Banzai anthology that was published in Australia. Four issues were published 1988-1990, with a fifth and last issue published in 1996.

From a 1992 ad in Zine Scene: "...pages of controversial LoCs and plenty of glorious illustrations. A must for every Banzai fan...a zine as diverse as the hero himself. Warning — romance is both straight and slash, but there's nothing too offensively squidgy involved."

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Samurai Errant 1 was published in 1988 and contains 165 pages.

"Find out the whole truth behind the Penny Paradox... and what happens when Buckaroo and Rawhide meet the vampyre Morgan... and when Tommy is thrown out of Cambridge and joins the Foreign Legion..."

  • Buckaroo's First Recruit by Stew. Rawhide is alone and bored, bar-tending in Chicago when in walks Buckaroo...
  • And Emerged a Better Man by Bepo. Perfect Tommy is thrown out of Cambridge, so what else is there to do but join the Foreign Legion?
  • Pool Party by Arcane Annie. In which Flyboy Johnson receives an offer he really shouldn't refuse.
  • Hopes and Dreams by Stew. Alone with Buckaroo on a mission to Cuba, Rawhide reflects on his feelings for his best friend.
  • Going Errant by Stew. Buckaroo and the Cavaliers drop into the 13th century and have tea with King Pellinore and Oolong.
  • Buckaroo Gets a Cold by Stew. Is Buckaroo Banzai only human after all…?
  • Auda by Stew. Buckaroo and Reno are on a mission in Arabia.
  • Banzai Limericks by Arcane Annie. "A woman called Penny, quite glamorous, Caused a scene in a bar that was clamorous..."
  • Pictures Don't Lie by Stew. Perfect Tommy wants to know the story behind Reno’s remark about his first wife.
    The back covers always featured the last lines of the film: "So what. Big deal." (back cover of issue #3)
  • Lines by Downtown. A celebration of the best lines in the film.
  • From "World Watch One" by Downtown. Info on the filming locations gleaned from the "World Watch One" newsletter.
  • Teo Torriate by Stew. Big Norse is stricken with grief - and fury - when she hears that Rawhide has been killed.
  • 'Find the Jetcar,' Said the President A Buckaroo Banzai Thriller by Tim Howe. A Banzai adventure in comic book form.
  • The Laboratory Test by Downtown. Buckaroo undertakes a science experiment after a challenge from Reno...
  • Irregular Happenings Down Under by the Oz BBIs. Join Arcane Annie, Buckskin Brenda, Downtown, Faux Pas, Question Mark, Stew, Squash and Tolkien as they rid Australia of the last insidious nest of Red Lectroids on behalf of Buckaroo.
  • Oh Give Me A Home, Where the Cantaloupes Roam by Anne Murphy. The funniest solution ever to the watermelon mystery.
  • The Vampyre Morgan by Stew. Morgan concentrates his seductive charms on Buckaroo and the wary Rawhide. Meanwhile, unconcerned, Perfect Tommy makes his best move on Billy's fiance Felicia. (reprinted in Dyad: The Vampire Stories #2)
  • Moments by Downtown. The Hong Kong Cavaliers gather for a farewell party. One of their members has decided to move on to a more independent career.
  • Living Many Secret Lives Among You by Stew. Buckaroo finds something disturbingly familiar about the dark figure leading him through the sordid streets of New York.
  • The Andersson Report (leaked to an expectant public by Arcane Annie). Learn the truth behind the Penny Paradox.
  • Broken Leg Blues by Stew. Rawhide, incapacitated and irritable, tries to solve the age-old cat-up-a-tree problem.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2
flyer for issue #2

Samurai Errant 2 was published in 1989 and contains 132 pages.

"Find out how Rawhide reacts when Buckaroo brings Peggy home from Oxford... and what problems Tommy has trying to find that perfect pair of shoes... and what happens when Buckaroo and Peggy's car has a flat battery, and they have to seek help from the castle they just passed... "

  • Stone Cold Crazy by Arcane Annie. On the bus to school, Buckaroo's study is interrupted by a kid playing an energetic version of the Magnificent Seven.
  • When Numbers Get Serious by Stew and Arcane Annie. Buckaroo is bringing "someone special" home from Oxford... but his best friend Rawhide reacts in ways unexpected.
  • That Demned Elusive Buckaroo by Tolchin. "They seek him here, they seek him there, Those Death-Dwarves seek him everywhere..."
  • Tommy and the Octopus by Downtown. "'You can't bring that thing in here!' screamed Mrs Johnson."
  • Press Clippings File by Arcane Annie. A UPA/Reuter report filed from West Berlin.
  • A Yak Skin Built for Two by Stew. Rawhide and Buckaroo are sewn into a yak skin as part of Pasha’s evil plans for them. Forced into such close proximity, with the strong probability of death awaiting them, one of them finally has to tell the truth about his feelings.
  • Rawhide Was Somewhere Else... by Downtown. The Institute just doesn't seem right one day - one of their number has vanished.
  • Perfect Fit by Dreamspinner. Perfect Tommy endeavors to keep his perfect image in shape, despite having a rotten morning.
  • The Most Disagreeable Week by Stew. Rawhide and Reno are rescued from their thermos chest floating off the coast of Japan after sharing a week of despair.
  • Sabbatical and The Rectification of Names by Arcane Annie. Rawhide and Perfect Tommy each recount their adventures in Nepal.
  • 'Find the Jet Car,' Said The President: A Buckaroo Banzai Thriller by Tim Howe. The adventure continues...
  • Banzai Limericks by Downtown. "I can tell you the number of trees Needed to print the TV Guide, you see..."
  • Mrs. Rawhide by Buckskin Brenda. On learning of Rawhide's death, Jenny McKern tells the story of their marriage and separation.
  • Banzai Haiku by Stew. Buckaroo contemplates life via haiku...
  • The Rocky Horror Banzai Show by Downtown. Buckaroo and Peggy's Superthunderjetcar has a flat battery... but help is available from the castle down the road... or is it?
  • A BBI's Dream by Tolchin. We all dream of being called up to join the Hong Kong Cavaliers...
  • Snake in the Grass by Arcane Annie. There's wildlife loose in the Institute, and everyone knows who to blame.
  • Banzai Nova Police by Downtown. Filk song lyrics in honour of the editor's favourite band.
  • Extra Long Distance by Downtown. John Parker left Buckaroo with a telephone that can place a call to somewhere beyond this world...
  • A Perfect Ending by Ratbag. BBI Tasy has had a rotten day, mainly because Perfect Tommy neglected to fill the Saab with gas.
  • Jason by Tolchin. Perfect Tommy has been allowed to drive the bus, with unhappy results. Until Rawhide spots something on the road that Tommy almost ran over...
  • Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You by Arcane Annie and Stew. BBI Kira recounts her and Tommy's adventures, as they try to do something about what they believe in despite controversy from both within and outside the Institute.
  • Tear Drops by Stew. Tommy asks Reno for help with some poetry he's writing...

Issue 3

Samurai Errant 3 (1989, 148 pages)

cover of issue #3

"Find out who Pecos really is, as Reno at last reveals the truth... and how New Jersey copes when faced with the Swedes... and what Tommy has let Pinky in for...and what Homer Hudson's quest is..."

  • Ginger and the Brat by Stew. Fourteen-year-old Buckaroo is on his way home from school when he runs into the local bully.
  • Kindred Souls by Tolchin. Hanoi Xan is the curse of Buckaroo's life... but he finds the truest of friends while fighting against him.
  • Faerie Tale by L.J. Whorfin. Mourning Peggy, Buckaroo wanders through the Institute gardens and into another world.
  • Growth and Rebirth by Berkana. A soldier of fortune in Latin America is betrayed by her fellow mercenaries.
  • Debugging by Stew. Rawhide gets it on with yet another member of the Institute.
  • 'Find the Jetcar,' Said The President - A Buckaroo Banzai Thriller, Part Three by Tim Howe.
  • Sidhe-Devil by L.J. Whorfin. Perfect Tommy is freezing his butt off monitoring the weather in Ireland when... there is a soft rustle of movement nearby...
  • A State of Mind by Stew. Rawhide takes advantage of an offer of employment at CSIRO in Canberra, Australia to get out of a rut - and finds that the Institute does not hold a monopoly on mad scientists.
  • One from the Archives by L.J. Whorfin. A letter to the editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, on the subject of hair coloration.
  • Let Us Cling Together by Tim Howe. More comix stuff!
  • Climb Every Mountain by Wookie. New Jersey comes to on the side of a Bolivian mountain and finds his companions have vanished.
  • Let's Rock and Roll! by Buckskin Brenda. Mrs. Rawhide is slowly fitting into the Banzai Institute, until Buckaroo corners her...
  • A Slight Case of Nerves by Downtown. Pinky knew he wouldn't even be in this situation, if it wasn't for the blonde juvenile...
  • The Tibetan Connection by Buckskin Brenda. The mystery of Pecos explained.
  • Roll Call of the Dead by Stew. There's one aspect of his job that Reno can't bear.
  • One Hath Wounded Me, That's by Me Wounded by Stew. If you didn't believe that the Kurgan had been hiding out as Rawhide, then you won't believe that the Kurgan beat the Highlander and won the Prize... or will you?
  • Hoboken Crunch by Stew. Buckaroo discovers a new Cause... the quest for the ultimate ice cream.

Issue 4

Samurai Errant 4 was published in 1990 and contains 136 pages.

cover of issue #4

"Find out what happens on the Cavaliers' vacation in Dumpwater, Louisiana...and all about Reno's second wife... and exactly what'Pecos thought of Peggy... and what happens at the bizarre bazaar at Scooter's school..."

It contains 16 pages of "controversial LoCs and glorious illustrations by Tim Howe, Steve Scholz, Shadowcat, Blades, and Arcane Annie. Romance is both straight and slash, but there's nothing too offensively squidgy involved." [1]

  • Shanghai'd by Berkana (Perfect Tommy continues his crusade to keep Buckaroo presentable.)
  • The Missing Link by Stew (The trouble with a menage a trois is that there are three times as many things to go wrong.)
  • The Banzai Saga by Tim Howe (A recap of the Banzai adventures, with illustrations from the comics (as imagined by Tim Howe).)
  • Gatorbait by Shadowcat (Some of the cavaliers try a vacation is Dumpwater, Louisiana and of course end up adventuring instead.)
  • Extracts From the Journal of a Lover by Berkana ("July 16 -- Met an entomologist I'll be working with. Tall, dark... Could prove to be rather a distraction.")
  • 'Find the Jetcar,' Said the President - the Tragic Conclusion by Tim Howe ("Part Four, the tragic conclusion to the BB epic.)
  • Eulogy by Arcane Annie (Reflections on the death of Peggy Simpson Banzai... from an unexpected quarter.)
  • You're Keen on Bugs by Dreamspinner (Rawhide has a reputation for liking insects.)
  • Death, Destruction and Criminal Devastation by Berkana (The Cavaliers are asked to investigate a chemical accident.)
  • Ladies' Night by Dreamspinner (Mrs. Johnson helps Penny begin to feel at home at the Institute.)
  • The Death of Innocence by Stew (Perfect Tommy reminds Reno of his promise to tell the tale of his second wife.)
  • The Bizarre Bazaar by Dreamspinner (The Institute's fundraising efforts create a few problems.)
  • The Oddest Couple by Downtown (New Jersey reluctantly accompanies Reno to California.)

Issue 5

Samurai Errant 5 was published in 1996 and contains 112 pages.

cover of issue 5
  • The Hidden Tomb by Wookie. The Hong Kong Cavaliers' adventures take them to Cairo to solve the mystery of the hidden tomb...
  • Florens by Stew. Sixteen-year-old Rawhide and his big brother are finally heading back to the States – except right now they are stuck in Jedda due to the Suez Canal crisis. Which is when Rawhide first falls in love, with a woman who is as out of his league as the stars in the sky...
  • John Parker Lied, Monkey Boy! by Akimbo. Lord John Whorfin has been dealt with and the world has been saved - when to everyone's surprise a Red Lectroid shows up at the Institute's gates asking to speak to Buckaroo...
  • Some Sort of Homecoming by Berkana. Another part of the story that started with "Growth and Rebirth".
  • Tad by Stew. Tad is just an ordinary guy, but he’s befriended and loved by extraordinary people. He wishes he knew why, but then again he ain’t gonna argue!
  • Buckaroo, You're an Idiot! by Akimbo. Buckaroo announces that the Institute is accepting applications for the role of martial arts instructor. "That was when the trouble started, mused Rawhide."
  • Holiday in Hell by Berkana. Rawhide is travelling with Perfect Tommy - and is dismayed by many of his choices
  • Reno's Journal: Mercy by Shadowcat. Reno relates the stories of how Buckaroo came to meet and recruit some of the lesser known members of the Institute.
  • A Short Note to Explain the Strange Goings On at the Banzai Institute by Berkana. On Berkana's return to the Institute, she is surprised to find that the place isn't running as efficiently as it used to.
  • Future History by Tim Howe. A re-imagining of the film's story, somewhat skewed - in comic book form.
  • Coffee and Conversation by Berkana. It's four in the morning, and Rawhide is worried about Perfect Tommy.
  • A Perfect Recruit by Stew. Buckaroo is visiting an old friend of his father’s when he meets a provocative young man who seems to have only one thing on his mind. It’s soon clear that there’s far more to him than that, though.
  • Tender Resignation by Akimbo. The latest recruit to the Banzai Institute just can't stand the heat!


  1. ^ from a 1991 flyer