Cascade Awards

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Name: Cascade Awards
Date(s): 1998?-?
Frequency: annual
Type: fan fiction
Associated Community: Senticon
Fandom: The Sentinel
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Cascade Awards were awards given at the SentiCon convention in recognition of fan fiction writers.

The organizers were the editors of The Presses.

We ourselves sponsor the CASCADE AWARDS, which are handed out in March at SentiCon.... THE CASCADE AWARDS: given out at SentiCon: A Weekend in Cascade, the first weekend of March. Gen and slash fanzines, and online associated work. Nominations are accepted from December I to January 31 for zines put out in that December's year. Final ballots are then sent out in early February and need to be back by March 1. [1]


  • It Was a Dark and Stormy Night by Becky. Published in Sentry Post 3. Won the Cascade Awards "Best Humor in a Zine" at the 1999 SentiCon.


  1. ^ from a blurb in 852 Prospect #1