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Name: Carissa
Alias(es): carissa_lynn, CarissaLynn
Type: fan writer, webmaster, moderator
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket
Communities: Gryffindor Tower, Time, The Hidden Tower,
URL: carissa_lynn at LiveJournal
carissa_lynn at FictionAlley Park
CarissaLynn at FanFiction.Net
Carissa at The Sugar Quill
Carissa at Gryffindor Tower (archived link)
Carissa at Time (archived link)
Carissa at (archived link)
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Carissa, a.k.a. carissa_lynn, is a Harry Potter fan writer and archive admin.

She was an admin at Gryffindor Tower (one of the so-called "Queens of H/G") and a major player in The Ms.Scribe Story.

After the demise of Gryffindor Tower, she started her own MWPP-focused archive, Time She also started, a Lemony Snicket site.


From Time in 2004:

I love reading fanfic more than writing it, though I do get insprired occasionally. Unfortunately, that inspiration usually only lasts through one chapter, leaving a string of unfinished fics with my name on them all over the internet. My favorite passtime of the moment is playing on websites, and making things pretty. In addition to this site, I have a Lemony Snicket site [], and have helpd out with a few other HP sites, including, and Unredeemed. Also, I moderate at The Hidden Tower while anxiously waiting on Casca and Emmyjean to update their fics.

I also have fics/art archived at Bitchnmoan, The Sugar Quill, The Hidden Tower, Unredeemed and, but as alluded to above, most of them are unfinished. Well, actually they all are unless they were only intended to be one chapter...) You must approach most of my fics with enough imagination to fill in the ending, otherwise, read at your own risk. :)[1]


  • Then and NowHarry/Ginny and James/Lily. Lily and James. Harry and Ginny. Harry learns from the past. At FanFiction.Net; previously also posted at Gryffindor Tower. 5 chapters, October 2001 – June 2002.
  • Tomorrow is Another DayHarry/Ginny, time loop. Harry wakes up one day to discover that things are not right in his world. Will he be able to fix it. If he can't, can Ginny? The end is pure H/G sap, but I like it! Posted at Gryffindor Tower. October 2002.
  • Which WitchHarry receives an anonymous love letter at the same time as he begins to develop a deeping friendship with Ginny. Who will he choose? Posted at Gryffindor Tower. March 2003.
  • Toast and Toe SocksHarry/Ginny, Harry/Giant Squid, crack. Harry loves Estella, Estella loves everyone. A really horrible fic starring everyone's favorite invertebrate, a small boy and the hero of the wizarding world (and Ginny). Read at your own risk. Posted at Gryffindor Tower. May 2003.
  • Stuck in a MomentIsolated from the wizarding world, Harry tries to come to terms with the events surrounding the death of his godfather, but fails miserably. Will even a trip to the Weasley's, and his first birthday party help cheer him up, even for just one evening? Written for hpgw_ficafest. Posted at FanFiction.Net, also at the challenge community and The Sugar Quill. July 2004.
  • Fortune's FoolGinny learns that, because of the events surrounding the Chamber of Secrets, she can't give Harry the one thing he's always wanted. Will she allow this information to ruin their marriage, or will Harry be able to convince her that she's all that he really wants. Posted at FanFiction.Net; also at The Sugar Quill. February 2004 or earlier.
  • Hogwarts in the SpringSpring is in the air at Hogwarts, and that can mean only one thing: James Potter is in love. In his sixth year, he decides Lily Evans is the only girl for him. Will their love last for more than one season, or will it die with the coming spring? James/Lily, PG. Posted at The Hidden Tower and FanFiction.Net; previously also at Time Started February 2004 or earlier.



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