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Journal Community
Name: Capslock Supernatural, Capslock_SPN, CLSPN
Date(s): 2006-2012?
Moderator: cheshirepuss, faunaana, maichan808, safebehindteeth, smallcaps, uglyduckling_me
Type: Capslock Community
Fandom: Supernatural, J2

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capslock_spn is a Supernatural Capslock Community on livejournal. Anything relevant to Supernatural can be discussed in the comm as long as it is written only in capital letters, but, as with most capslock comms, the post is expected to be humourous. Posting in lowercase is against the community rules, and anyone who does so is required to post some form of penance (referred to within the community as 'peendance') or else face being banned. The penance required was originally a Supernatural related picspam, but now the first person to notice use of lowercase can demand penance of their choice (mostly capslockfic or crude manips).

The humour of the community is characterized by ironic distance, long running in-jokes and a disregard for political correctness or 'good taste'. As well as deriving humour from the common incestuous themes in Supernatural fandom, overlap in membership with Capslock House led to the prevalence of rape jokes in that community spreading to CLSPN. The appropriating of running jokes from other capslock comms perhaps influenced the community's tendency to adopt humour and references from outside of Supernatural, as well as parodying SPN fandom. The community often references other sources in its running jokes (for example, use of the phrase "surprise motherfucker", a quote from the tv show Dexter), uses several memes originating from 4chan and has declared the actor Michael Rosenbaum to be 'always on topic', despite him having nothing to do with Supernatural beyond having formed a friendship with Supernatural star Jensen Ackles when they worked together on Smallville.