Caleb Widogast

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Name: Caleb Widogast
Occupation: member of The Mighty Nein
Fandom: Critical Role
Other: Played by Liam O'Brien
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Caleb is a fictional character played by Liam O'Brien on a popular D&D web series Critical Role. He's a Campaign 2 character going under a fake name to hide his identity.


From the very beginning, Caleb didn't know how to communicate with words, and a lot of his communication has been done by actions. Fans took note of his tendency to show his intentions rather than to talk about them.

Caleb, who does not trust easily and who takes his appearance as part of his penance for what he has done, looking to someone outside of himself, and asking her to take a blade called The Magician’s Judge, something clearly meant to hunt down and punish wizards, and use it to make him something more presentable.[1]
In general, Caleb casts Haste on people less as a kind of strategy and more to display in his kooky way his love or favoritism or Desire for Friendship. Wants to get on Beau’s good side after telling her his secrets? She gets all the hastes. Feels guilty about leaving Nott to nearly get mauled to death by a dragon? She gets Haste. Needs to demonstrate to a stressed-out Fjord that he supports him in these trying times? Haste. And even if it’s not combat, we should never forget Hasted chopsticks to show love and friendship for Jester. Caleb….maybe you should use your words instead of your spell components, yeah?[2]

During Talks Machina episode 147, Liam O'Brien confirmed Caleb to be either bisexual or pansexual (while he didn't label Caleb, he did discuss his character's attraction to male characters, Essek especially). Slash shippers in the fandom were ecstatic[3], knowing their slash ships had a chance of becoming canon.

Most popular Caleb ships include:



  • The Descriptivist's Approach by CrunchyWrites - Modern AU Molly/Caleb - Professor Caleb Widogast has a problem, and that problem is the following: for the last several months a lavender-skinned tiefling has been loitering in the yard beneath his office window, spinning fire and doing stretches and generally being very, very distracting.
  • Where the Wild Song Echoes by distractedKat - Molly/Caleb - The last forest in the Zemni Fields burns when Caleb is seventeen years old. (or: Caleb and the Old Gods)
  • Thread by Crewe - Fjord/Caleb - Fjord and Caleb develop a routine at night, Caleb reading his books and Fjord mending his and his friends' clothes. Or: In which Caleb greatly resembles his familiar, and Fjord understands the virtues of patience, quiet, and boundaries.
  • Walking Wounded by SwissArmyKnife - Ways to wound your wizard based on damage types & conditions.
  • unto skies of fire by BucketofWater - Essek/Caleb - five times Essek sees the Mighty Nein kissing Caleb, and the one time he tries it out for himself. or: five times the Mighty Nein realise that Essek has a crush, and the one time he does something about it.
  • The Mighty Fieber by hufflepirate - When Caleb gets very sick, the rest of the Nein take care of him. The fever draws some of Caleb's issues to the front, but if Beau can figure out how to use punching for medicinal purposes, she can figure out how to talk about feelings. Maybe. Caleb isn't used to being cared about, but sometimes if it's masked enough, he can navigate it anyway.
  • The Mycelium Effect by CrunchyWrites - Modern AU/Human AU Caduceus/Caleb - It is autumn when Caleb Widogast packs up his old life in Rexxentrum and moves to Zadash, settling into his role as the new librarian of the Zadash Museum of Natural History. The job, as all jobs do, comes with a number of quirks; there’s the near-indecipherable filing system left behind by the previous librarian that he needs to work around, there’s the layout of the maze-like museum that he needs to learn, and there’s his new colleagues who he needs to get along with. And then there’s Caduceus Clay - the strange, somewhat unsettling, but undeniably interesting assistant curator of mycology, and Caleb isn’t at all sure what to do with him.
  • Remember Me in the Intervals by inkedinserendipity - Time Travel - One autumn afternoon at the end of the line, Caleb Widogast gathers up his spell components, his notebook, the knowledge of a full lifetime, and throws himself back. Over the next three years, he seeks out old friends. Friends that do not know his name. He helps each of them, in turn: telling a story, saving a life, intervening for divine favors long owed. And in the meanwhile, he nudges them closer to Trostenwald, and to each other.








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