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Gen Relationship
Relationship: Caleb Widogast & Beauregard Lionett
Alternative name(s): Empire Kids, Empire Siblings
Fandom: Critical Role
Type: friends
Canonical?: close friends
Prevalence: very popular
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Empire workout

Caleb Widogast & Beauregard Lionett are a very popular friendship in Campaign 2 Critical Role. The characters started antagonistic (mostly due to their lack of people skills and inability to communicate), but quickly developed into close friends.[1] While Beau has issues showing vulnerability, Caleb does his best to show he cares, either by buffing her up in a fight (with a Haste spell) or making sure she can rest after a fight[2].


Due to being the only two humans in the party, Beau and Caleb are often referred to as Empire Kids or Empire Siblings. Similar to the show, Beau is often portrayed as protective of Caleb in the fanworks.

Beau and Caleb admitting/reminiscing about the early days when they didn’t like each other at all (except that even then, even when Caleb was being driven up a wall and Beau was angry and annoyed and kind of hated the guy, even then, they always liked each other at least a little bit, they never would’ve gotten so angry otherwise). You know, sometimes it fades away for a while, but every so often I remember just how much I love Beau and Caleb as friends, because it is such a complicated, layered, hard-won friendship. They both worked so hard for this relationship! We call them the empire siblings, and it’s true, sometimes, but also it’s not true at all, because they worked so hard to get here, without any blood or parents or shared childhood joys telling them they should. They built this friendship all on their own. (And how often do you see such utterly platonic male-female friendships that are this hard-won and this concrete, in fiction?)[3]

In canon, they have problems communicating well with each other and the fandom loves every conversation they manage to have[4]. Some fans also recall (using gifsets from actual gameplay) the number of mirroring conversations Beau and Caleb have with each other that aim at staying together.

Do you ever just think about the way Beau and Caleb’s relationship started out super awkward and prickly (because both of them are awkward and prickly), even heating into a straight-up volatile mess at times (because “volatile mess” is an identity that they both carry with them, for better or worse), and the evolution of their friendship has been all about becoming softer and quieter and nerdier, and admitting that they care–not just about each other, but about their whole found family, and books and knowledge (in Beau’s case), and the actions of two governments, and the people of two nations, and the end of a war?[5]








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