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Fan Song
Song Title: bright
Composer: LIlli Furfaro
Lyrics: Lilli Furfaro
Melody: original
Date: Aug 22, 2020
Fandom: Critical Role
External Links: YouTube link

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bright is a fansong by Lilli Furfaro dedicated to the Critical Role character of Caleb Widogast.

a song for our sad wizard.


I fully wasn’t expecting it to be first person talking about a past self as a different entity, so the first “I” destroyed me.[1]

Leaving it unresolved on the major 3 chord. Ugh right in the heart.

Also, the "mud on the face cleaner than what is inside" part just made me want to sob.

I would buy concept albums by you for sure. You have a distinct talent for characterizations.[2]
So many have pointed out the "he was" to "I was" which really hit so well, but also the general melody structure of short sentences and fragments made me think of a mind in shock, broken, or someone super deep in their shell, closed off not letting anything or anyone in. Then in the bridge the emotion comes rushing out, the switch to first person, like he just had to let it out in a burst. But then, because healing isn't an instant thing, it goes back to the simpler structure. Fragmented.[3]

The way she says "They taught him good" with determined optimism into "They taught him right" with hesitance then simple "whats right" as a question. describes such a journey of emotion that leads into a spiraling mental state in a real world setting, and its followed up with "Lies!' such a soft exclamation that seems to describe a sudden almost jarring return to a reality less sane then before. She then start stating the ends of sentences with mater of fact tone which is a distancing tactic for people with overwhelming emotional trauma. when the clipped mater of fact ends to sentences stop coming it feels like the inevitable break down people who don't confront their trauma go through often leading to varying levels a catatonic state. (Those lines of this song are legitimately triggering for me. Well done that hurt) Legitimately incredible. She is either indescribably empathetic traumatized her self or an avid fan/student of psychology.[4]


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