By Any Other Name (Avengers/Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters story)

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Title: By Any Other Name
Author(s): Liannabob
Date(s): February 4, 2013 - April 5, 2013 (fic), June 10, 2013 (podfic)
Length: 74,652 words
Genre: gen, crossover
Fandom: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, The Avengers Movieverse
External Links: fanfic, podfic

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By Any Other Name is a crossover story, written and read by Liannabob. The fandoms are The Avengers Movieverse and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.

A sequel to fanfic, By Any Other Name 2 was started in November of 2014 and is still a WIP.


Clint Barton and Hansel get mindswapped by an angry Amora and have to fight their way back into their own bodies/time.


Reactions and Reviews

For the fanfic:

Voice-perfect, motive-perfect story letting nearly everyone have their time in the sun. Deeply comforting and satisfyingly complex, worth re-reading. Oh, and Clint gets to answer the question of what one does on meeting one's doppelganger.[1]
Remarkably coherent crossover. Also: way entertaining.[2]
Awww. The one with Stark-tech Teddy R.[3]
I loved this story. Seriously. I sat down and devoured it in one day because it was just that good. BUT. I can't rec it on my site or to my friends because so many of my friends are slash-loving, gay-marriage-supporting republicans and you chose to stereotype an entire group at the end of your story. It saddens me that you chose to finger point rather than saying "some people", choosing to perpetuate a stereotype, because other than? That this story was beyond words. Hate is hate, even when it's meant to be 'playful'.

It was a great storyline, however, and your writing skills are among the best in not only the Clint/Coulson fandom, but in the Avengers fandom proper. Your ability to change between character perspectives and not lose each character's unique voice was brilliant, and I absolutely could not get enough of it. You have a gift for writing, and I hope you continue to share your gift in the future.

(...) I liked your solution to the Clint/Coulson/Tasha thing. It isn't particularly tidy, but most relationships are not. What made it work for me is that they actually discussed it as adults. The point about Tasha and Coulson respecting and trusting each other, but not being sexually attracted to each other was particularly honest.

I also liked the reunion with Frigga and Loki. She loves him dearly, but knows he is in the wrong on many things. The deadline to set Amora's mind to rights was a subtle reminder that she won't let someone suffer unjustly. Amora is NOT a nice person, but she doesn't deserve to be punished for Lokis' wrong doings. Loki is a smart guy. He should be able figure a way to get his body out of its' prison.

As for Hansel and Gretel...what can I say? Other than: PLEASE WRITE THE SEQUEL! Edward and Hulk would have such fun! Ben would find so many things to read, and people to annoy.[5]

for the podfic:

Oh this was just wonderful. I have a real thing for 'written and read' podfics in general but you gave such an accomplished vocal performance in this that it was a true pleasure to get sucked into your story world. I was literally freaking out my house mates as I wandered about randomly laughing my head off/smilling stupidly while I listened. ^_~ I adored all the different vocal choices you made for the characters - Edward the troll just tickled me to death - also the very seemless way you switched between them. You love these characters and this story, thanks so much for sharing that. I liked this story when I read it but I loved the podfic version. Transformative works for the win! Now I'm off to download more of your podfics... <3[6]
Listening to this now. I love the cadence of your reading voice, and the sound effects. Never seen H&G but could still follow the fic just fine. Great job![7]
I cannot possibly express how much I love your podfics. They are amazing productions. I love your voice and character. I really appreciate all of the effort you put in for such high production value and all the effort you do for editing. These stories are so heart felt and you have put them out in a beautiful presentation that shows off your and the author's talents. Your writing is beautiful and I admire so much how your voice brings your and other's stories to life. I love your work, thank you so much for all of the amazing effort and artistry you put into your podfics. There are a few of your podfics that I wasn't sure about listening to, they weren't really my style but because I trust your judgement on a good fic and because I admire your skills I listened to them and they are so well done. I look forward to all of your future work. You are such an inspiration :D kudos friend. (P.s. We'd love to have you in the Teen Wolf fandom, should you ever venture over. I'd be happy to req some fics and introduce to the beautiful pairings and amazing stories there) .[8]


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