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BookTube is the name for the book blogging community and the fan activity around it on YouTube.

BookTuber, a portmanteau created by combining "YouTuber" with book, readers to creators on BookTube – the people with channels. Viewers may be known as BookTube Fans.

Young Adult books are generally the most popular and are the subject of the most discussion on BookTube.

BookTubers may create a variety content, from book reviews to challenge videos to unboxing videos.


Drama & Controversy

Popular Book Series

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Example BookTube Video Series

The Uselessness of Legacy in Harry Potter [1] by ProblemsofaBookNerdFandom: Harry PotterDate: 1-28-2018Length: 11:11Genre: Meta
A discussion of the theme of legacy in the series: how it's very important to the culture/society in HP, and how the characters are in a continual struggle with/against it. "In my personal opinion, while legacy is considered so incredibly important to the world of Harry Potter, I also say that it's ultimately useless." and here's why type of format.
If You Like That, Try This: Harry Potter Edition! [2] by ProblemsofaBookNerdFandom: Harry PotterDate: 2-17-2017Length: 13:23Genre: Book Rec
Highlights the draws of different Harry Potter characters and then recommends books you may like if those characters appeal to you.