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Billboard advertising is a type of fannish activity where a Fan Fund is used to purchase advertising space on a billboard in hopes of promoting the subject of one's fannish obsession. It is increasingly prevalent in K-Pop fandom. As well as being a way to promote one's fandom, these advertisements become hubs, attracting fans to take photos with the boards, and help facilitate unplanned meet-ups.


Purchasing billboards in Time Square has became a tradition in K-Pop circles for celebrating milestones in a group's career. BTS and EXO have has billboards commissioned of their group's anniversaries, and individual idols have had boards erected to commemerate their birthdays.[1]

Other fandoms

As part of the highly publicised PewDiePie vs T-series feud, YouTuber Justin Roberts also bought an extremely expensive billboard in Times Square in support of PewDiePie.[2]

In March 2023, Pipkin Pippa fans purchased a billboard in Tennessee to display an image of her to celebrate her birthday. The billboard became a shrine, with many fans travelling to visit it and stay in the motel that overlooked it.



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