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Title: Belief
Author(s): Inca
Date(s): 2006 ?
Length: ?
Genre: slash
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series
External Links: LJ Link, currently flocked

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Belief is a Spike/Angel fic by Inca. It is a Human AU and a Supernatural AU. Belief was well received; winning Best Supernatural story Judges Choice in the 2007 Fang Fetish Awards.[1]

The rich son of a shipping merchant, is sent from Ireland to a town called Sunnydale on the outskirts of California, to set up an American port of call. Bribed with a new house, a manse, he soon realises he’ll have to employ the services of a man named Spike

The beginning of this story is partly inspired by another story; Sins of the Flesh by somecandytalkin.[2] Both fics are currently unavailable. Inca's story is flocked and it appears somecandytalkin's LJ has been deleted.

Reactions and Reviews

Judge's Comments: "Belief was a thrilling read, and really set the pace for all the Winged!Angel fiction to follow it. It was erotic, creepy, and held a high level of tension throughout. Brilliantly constructed, it deserves the title Best of the Best."[1]


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