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Name: Inca
Alias(es): incasink
Fandoms: BtVS, Ats
URL: incasink LJ
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Inca is a fanwriter in Buffyverse fandoms.

They are particularly well known for their Spangel fics and Human AU stories.[1] Many of Inca's Human AU stories were hosted on their LJ and are currently flocked.

Notable Fanworks

  • Belief, The rich son of a shipping merchant, is sent from Ireland to a town called Sunnydale on the outskirts of California, to set up an American port of call. Bribed with a new house, a manse, he soon realises he’ll have to employ the services of a man named Spike. (LJ Link, currently flocked)
  • Mainline, Liam's an addict, at the end of his rope alone, until he meets someone in his latest stint in rehab. R/NC17 (flocked)
  • Vellum, AU/NC17. Angel/Spike. Angel's in a passionless relationship. Until he meets a man, passion personified. (flocked)
  • Seget, Spike/Angel Human AU with slave!Liam (flocked)
  • Soul Squared, S5 AU

Archives & Links


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