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Journal Community
Name: Buffyversetop5
Date(s): 1 November 2005-present
Moderator: yourlibrarian and petzipellepingo
Founder: lillianmorgan and yourlibrarian
Type: Seasonal
Fandom: Jossverse
URL: Buffyversetop5 on LJ; on Dreamwidth; https://buffyversetop5.livejournal.com/ archive link

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Buffyversetop5 is a community that began on LiveJournal and currently has its main recs archive on Dreamwidth. It is a seasonal community for posting recs to all kinds of fan-created works in the Whedon fandoms.

Top 5 was founded by lillianmorgan and yourlibrarian and opened in 2005. It remains moderated by yourlibrarian and petzipellepingo.

Post categories are open to each poster’s imagination and preferences, and can either be a random list of works or can follow a theme. Part of Top 5's purpose is to celebrate and share new material that is being created by those active in the fandom.

Top 5 was founded to:

  • thank creators for the work they've shared
  • introduce newcomers (and longtimers) to work they may have missed
  • celebrate another year of enjoying the fandom
  • serve as a rec archive that can be searched throughout the year.

More information on posting can be found on its profile page. A few other fandoms have used it as a model, such as sgversetop5.

Users searching for recs can utilize the Dreamwidth community, which offers a search box. Users can also check the Visit the Library link for a month by month view of post topics, as well as doing tag searches.


  • Top 5 was originally intended to be open only once a year around the start of each year to commemorate work released the prior year. However during the first session there was great demand for the ability to rec works from earlier periods.
  • Starting in 2006, Top 5 was open for 2 sessions each year. The first began on Jan. 1 and celebrated work done in the previous year in the Buffyverse fandoms. The second was over Halloween, called Classic Recs, when recs for all years prior to the current one were welcome.
  • Starting in 2010 a third session was added, entitled Worlds Without Shrimp meant as a session for all non-Buffyverse Whedonverse fandoms. It opened on April 1 of each year for several weeks. However after several years of little activity, the last separate session was held in April 2013. Afterwards, Classic Recs welcomed any Whedon fandom recs while the Annual sessions remained Buffyverse only in response to a member poll.
  • 2017 was the last year for two separate sessions for Classic and Annual recs. As of 2018, a single 10 day session was held over Halloween, with a "Flash Forward Weekend" to continue the focus on recent fanwork activity.
  • At the close of the 2018 session 1,622 posts had been made to the community since 2005, comprising roughly 8,000 works recced under 530 tags.
  • After the 2019 session a collection account was opened at AO3. The AO3 community collects works that have been recced during Top 5's annual sessions. The collection is not open for direct submissions since the content is tied to material that has been recced.
  • In addition to posting over Halloween in October on Live Journal and Dreamwidth, a Twitter account was opened in 2019 to collect recs for the 2020 session.