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Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, more commonly Beauxbatons, is a magical school in the Harry Potter series. Located in the mountains along the Franco-Spanish border, the school dates to at least the late thirteenth century. Its Headmistress during the events of the Harry Potter series is Madame Maxime.


Beauxbatons is one of eleven known magical schools located throughout the world, and one of the three schools present on the European continent (the others being Hogwarts and Durmstrang.) Located in southern France, the school likely accepts students from across Europe, including France, Spain, Switzerland, and Italy. International students and students from francophone countries are also likely accepted.

Throughout history, Beauxbatons and Hogwarts are believed to have had a competitive rivalry; the Triwizard Tournament is described as being held between Beauxbatons, Hogwarts, and Durmstrang every five years "from seven hundred years ago" until roughly 1792, and then recommencing in 1994. It is this statement of seven-hundred years that enables the rough estimate of the establishment of the school being before 1290 CE (1994 - 700 = 1294).

Notably, in the books the school is clearly co-educational, whereas in the Goblet of Fire all Beauxbatons students are depicted as female.

The school is generally depicted to follow more of a classical style of architecture favoring marble and artwork, in contrast to the gothic style of Hogwarts. The school's colors are pale blue and gold.


Beauxbatons makes somewhat frequent appearances in fanfiction, in particular when discussing opportunities or alternatives outside of the United Kingdom. Given that Beauxbatons' headmistress is half giant and the school's Triwizard champion is one-quarter veela, a frequent headcanon is that wixen France is much more inclusive than wixen Britain. The events surrounding Goblet of Fire are also particularly well represented across fanfiction, resulting in original Beauxbatons characters and curriculum being created regularly.

The school is generally portrayed as having a structure more similar to the real-life French education system, with no house or points system as in Hogwarts.

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Meta & Headcanons

  • Les Amis as Beauxbatons ghosts headcanon by Anonymous; ratheralark and shellcollector expand on this, theorizing that "Beauxbatons students get sorted into either the ‘seemingly effortless chic, circumlocution to avoid saying un hamburger, strong beliefs about which of the local boulangers is the good one and which is the one we Do Not Enter’ house, or the ‘what, WHAT you messed with my working hours? Strike! STRIKE!!’ house." (2016)

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