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Name: Peyton
Alias(es): sufjansontag, beachdeath, lalondes, silkspectres, twinfantasy, reyton, peytonology, marioincandenza
Type: writer
Fandoms: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, BBC Sherlock, Homestuck, IT, South Park
URL: marioincandenza @ Tumblr
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Peyton is a multifandom writer, journalist, and a founder of the blog The Niche[1]. He was one of the original creators of The Dynamic.

Peyton is a friend of graceebooks, and was involved in The Johnlock Conspiracy. He has been involved in numerous fandom wanks since the early 2010s and the subject of many callouts.[1] He has/had a page on the Fail Fandom Anon Wiki[2] that has been wiped or deleted a number of times. He has been accused of starting conspiracy theories,[3] notably to fandom, one about Andrew Garfield's leaving the role of Spider-Man.

Peyton has connected his wallet name and fan identity. He previously wrote fanfiction in a number of fandoms and published MacDennis fic on AO3 as underwooding, but deleted it due to concerns with it being connected to his professional identity.[4]Peyton is a published author of the YA Novel "Both Sides Now," which some have speculated is South Park drawer fic.[5] In December 2022, Peyton published an op-ed in the New York Times theorizing that Louisa May Alcott was trans,[6] which inspired some backlash.[7]