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Title: Backfire
Author(s): oxoniensis
Date(s): 19 January 2010
Length: 8,168 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Backfire (Livejournal)
Backfire (AO3)
Неожиданные Последствия (Russian translation, AO3)

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Backfire is a Merlin/Arthur story by oxoniensis.

Summary: In which there are giant ears, a curious cat, backfiring spells, a stick figure Arthur, some unfortunate truths and some very welcome ones.

Backfire is a charming story where Merlin is just too curious for his own good and several spells backfire spectacularly (at one point Arthur accidentally shoots Merlin in the ass with an arrow; something that later also happens in A Thousand Different Skins) but an accidental truth spell turns out not so bad after all. One of the not so common stories where Merlin and Arthur get together without Arthur finding out about Merlin's magic.

Nadis translated the story into Russian.

Recs and Reviews

  • "Several times Merlin used magic and it back-fired on him in silly or embarrassing ways, and one time it worked out for the best. The entire thing is delightful and sweet and funny. I was hooked right away."[1]
  • "eosrose says: There's adorable and then there's drop-dead sugar-sweet with a dallop of happily ever after. This falls in the latter category. If you like the snapshot style of writing, you'll enjoy this. katerina_black says: This was probably one of the first "classics" I read. And I was hooked from the image of Merlin as a small child covered in soot, and cranky as his mum washes him up. And then he enlarges his ears. And tons of other hilarious mixups. And Arthur seems to take it all in stride, though whether he knows about the magic or not is ambigous."[2]


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