A Thousand Different Skins

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Title: A Thousand Different Skins
Author(s): tarayith
Date(s): 07 June 2009
Length: 9,500 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin
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A Thousand Different Skins is a Merlin/Arthur story by tarayith (9,500 words).

Summary: Merlin decides he wants to learn to fly. Only things don't quite go to plan.

Animal transformation story where Merlin accidentally reveals his magic when he turns into a stag in the middle of a hunt and gets an arrow in the ass for his troubles. It's not the first time it happens to him in fanfic either, in Backfire Arthur accidentally shoots him in the ass too. Clearly this hunting business is very dangerous.

The story is listed at merlin_finders as one of the Frequently Requested Fics: "IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR... -the fic where Merlin wants to learn how to fly, and he keeps changing into different animals, and he stops being able to control it, then you're looking for A Thousand Different Skins by tarayith."[1]


  • "This is just wonderful. I really enjoyed the sense of playfulness that you kept throughout it, and your descriptions were very clear and beautiful. There was a great touch of humour, but the underlying gentleness in the relationship made me very happy."[2]
  • "I did not expect that when I started reading! I was expecting a funny 'Merlin turns into an animal' story, which I got in spades. But then you threw in Protective Arthur (my favourite kind of Arthur), and just some of the most beautiful, lyrical scenes. When Merlin flew in the open for the first time I had a huge goofy smile on my face along with him and Arthur because you described it with such wonderful detail and emotion. And then the end paragraph just makes the whole thing feel like something out of legend (which I wish it was!)"[3]
  • "Another fic by this author, and not to be missed. I adore the weightless freedom of this fic, the calm acceptance on Arthur's part, the child-like enthusiasm on Merlin's."[4]


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