Atop the Fourth Wall

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Name: Atop the Fourth Wall
Abbreviation(s): AT4W
Creator: Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug
Date(s): 2008 - present
Medium: Webseries
Country of Origin: USA
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Atop the Fourth Wall (abbreviated AT4W) is an entertainment review webseries created in 2008 by Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug. The show follows Linkara as he reviews bad comic books and deals with an ongoing storyline. A crowdfunded movie based on the show was released in 2015.

Plot & Characters

Like many former Channel Awesome creators, Linkara includes sketches and recurring characters in his reviews. AT4W's storyline is heavily inspired by the comics Linkara reviews, combining science fiction with fantasy and occasionally horror. The following are a few of the series' recurring characters:

  • Pollo: a small blue robot constructed by Linkara.
  • Mechakara: a version of Pollo from an alternate universe in which he rebelled against humanity and stole Linkara's skin.
  • Dr. Linksano: an alternate-universe version of The Spoony Experiment character Dr. Insano; a mad scientist who starts as a villain and becomes an ally to Linkara.
  • Lord Vyce: an interdimensional tyrant.
  • Nimue: the artificial intelligence that runs Comicron 1, Linkara's spaceship which he took from Lord Vyce.
  • Harvey Finevoice: a lounge singer with a tragic past.


AT4W has maintained a small but dedicated fanbase for the past 15 years. As of January 2024, the fandom has amassed over 200 works on AO3 and a handful of works on FanFiction.Net (under the "Web Shows" category). A handful of fans continue to post about the show on Tumblr to this day.

Notably, Lewis's spouse Viga was active in the AT4W fandom prior to their meeting.[1]

Example Fanworks





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