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Name: athousandwinds
Alias(es): Angharad
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Cain Saga and Godchild, Diana Wynne Jones, Doctor Who, Fruits Basket, Georgette Heyer, Harry Potter, A Little Princess, L. M. Montgomery, Mary Renault, Maurice, Rosemary Sutcliff, Sweeney Todd...
Communities: maryrenaultfics, mr_edna_may
URL: AO3 archive
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athousandwinds is a prolific multi-fandom fan writer whose fandoms include Doctor Who, the 2007 film of Sweeney Todd, several children's literature fandoms, and many others.

Example Fanfiction

  • Coldly Separate Stillness. Maurice; Clive/Anne futurefic. Miss Morland writes this short fic from Clive's perspective offers not only an impressive amount of insight into a character it can be hard to understand, let alone sympathise with; it also captures Forster's style beautifully, subtly showing us Clive's delusions as well as his underlying unhappiness.[1] (2007)
  • A Gentleman of Taste. Cotillion (Georgette Heyer). Espresso Addict writes it's a lovely whimsical continuation of the novel, and the characters are spot on[2]


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