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Journal Community
Name: mr_edna_may (Outlaws of the Greenwood)
Date(s): June 2004-present
Moderator: marauderthesn
Founder: marauderthesn
Type: Livejournal community
Fandom: Maurice (the E M Forster novel and film based on it)

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mr_edna_may is a LiveJournal community for fans of Maurice, E M Forster's posthumously published novel, and its Merchant-Ivory film adaptation starring James Wilby, Hugh Grant and Rupert Graves, created by marauderthesn in June 2004. At the time of writing (September 2010), the community has around 170 members. The community has never been very active, usually seeing only a couple of posts per month, but there have been more active periods over the years (February-May 2005, October-November 2006, July-September 2007, June-October 2008), often associated with new members joining.

The name of the community derives from the title character's visions under hypnosis in the novel.


The most common activities in the community over the years have been discussion of the book and the film, posting fanfiction, and icons and fanart.


The community profile[1] encourages all kinds of discussions from "deep and meaningful" to "fangirlish/boyish", and discussions in the community over the years have reflected this.

Some examples of discussion posts on mr_edna_may include:

  • Discussion on Clive's sexuality[2]
  • Discussion on the context in which Forster uses the notion of "greenwood"[3]
  • Fantasy-casting the film[4]
  • Discussion on the placement of Maurice on an AfterElton 50 Best Gay Books poll[5]
  • Discussion on fixing the novel on an actual timeline[6]

In July 2008, the community, prompted by athousandwinds, started a chapter-by-chapter discussion of the novel[7]. The discussion went on a chapter per week basis through July and August, had a brief hiatus in September, and continued through October until fizzing out in November with Chapter 11.[8]


Fanfiction has been posted to mr_edna_may from the start. Authors who have posted their stories to mr_edna_may include marauderthesn, athousandwinds, devo79, sweet_fallacy, miss_morland and angie_sylvie.

athousandwinds compiled a fic masterlist in August 2007.[9]


Some fanart, usually based on the likenesses of the three actors playing Maurice, Clive and Alec in the film, has been posted to the community.

Icons based on film screenshots and book quotations have also been posted to the community.


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