At the Closing of the Day

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You may be looking for At the End of the Day, a Sentinel story.

Title: At the Closing of the Day
Author(s): Julia Stamford
Date(s): 1999
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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At the Closing of the Day is a Blake's 7 story by Julia Stamford. It was printed in the zine Liberator Fantasies.

Reactions and Reviews

Oh dear, Executrix won't be pleased… this is angst in spades. A lot of B7 fans see something between Blake and Avon, but whether it's consummated attraction or unresolved sexual tension is another matter. If, within the timespan of the series, you write it consummated and happy, you have a problem – namely how do you then get them to the disastrous final episode of the canon, in which they fatally misread each other's signals as they have so often done before? This is one of the best solutions I've seen: they come together but their basic wariness of each other, born of their constant power-skirmishes, causes Avon to be very unsure of Blake's motives and Blake to catastrophically misread Avon's. In a really rather brilliant end, it's made clear that something probably could be salvaged from the mess, but not, crucially, trust. You know when a story like this has really worked when you re-read and hear the hidden resonances… [1]
"At the Closing of the Day" by Julia Stamford (author of "Three Times Daily") is another of her thought-provoking A/B stories. In this one, Blake is amazed when Avon, whom he believes to be sleeping with Vila, approaches him and gives him the night of his dreams in bed. But then, more or less by accident, Blake does something unforgivable. Strongly recommended for A/B fans.[2]


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