As Falling Snow

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Title: As Falling Snow
Author(s): i_claudia
Date(s): 16 February 2012
Length: 5,300 words
Genre: futurefic
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: As Falling Snow (LiveJournal)
Merlin Reverse Big Bang Art
Merlin Reverse Big Bang fanart by steam_pilot (2012)

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As Falling Snow is a Merlin/Arthur story by i_claudia. It was written for the Merlin Reverse Big Bang. The art this story is based on is by steam_pilot and shows Merlin and Arthur in a Camelot forest covered in snow.

Summary: Arthur could never be lost in Camelot, not on these lands he's ranged over since boyhood, this soil he's fought and lost and bled for.

Recs and Reviews

First, this bit of artwork is stunning: Art Masterpost by steam_pilot. Second, I adore this fic. While it's a canon future!fic, it carries forward so many of my favourite things about canon. Arthur is stubborn and caught in his own thoughts. He's frustrated and yet not putting words to what is going on inside his head, instead he broods and trudges through the snow and snaps at Merlin. Merlin snarks and waits it out. It’s very much the canon we know, but there a layer of complication with the years that have passed between them, many things revealed, and many things still left unsaid. A really lovely read.[1]
I really liked this. It’s Arthur and Merlin, now his court sorcerer, lost in the snow, then resting in a cave. Arthur is troubled by comments made by some dignitaries about Merlin. I loved how it explored that, even though Arthur has accepted and embraced magic and Merlin, there are still some things lingering in him from all the years he grew up thinking it was bad, that makes him wary and doubt. Written in a reversebb, for the THIS WONDERFUL PIECE OF FANART.[2]


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