Arthur Curry/Chloe Sullivan

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Pairing: Arthur Curry/Chloe Sullivan
Alternative name(s): AC/Chloe, Chlurry
Gender category: Het, M/F
Fandom: Smallville
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: rare
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AC/Chloe is a rarepair in the Smallville fandom between Chloe Sullivan (Watchtower) and Arthur "AC" Curry (Aquaman).


While they are not romantically attached, they are friends and teammates on the Smallville's Justice League team.


Charming designs-chlurry.jpg
The pairing Chloe/AC is very rare in the Smallville fandom, with only a handful of different authors and artists that created fanworks for the ship. The ship may just owe it's "birth" thanks to rjchasez and tobiwolf13 who co-wrote Five Times The Justice League Saw Chloe Naked (And One Time It Wasn't An Accident) fic in 2007 which inspired several fic writers (revivingophelia, flareonfury, and shadowglove88) by 2008 to write more Chloe/AC fics. Some fanart were also produced for the pairing, mostly icons and manips. By 2010 angelbsb, vodooman, litlolme32, and Tarafina also wrote a few works on Chloe/AC.

The pairing's fandom is mostly located on LiveJournal but also By April 2, 2016, there are 15 works at FFN focused on Chloe/AC.




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