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Name: Artagan
Occupation: archfey, minor diety
Relationships: Jester - high priestess
Fandom: Critical Role
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Artagan is an Archfey NPC portrayed by Matt Mercer in D&D web series Critical Role appearing over the course of Campaign1 and Campaign 2.


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Vox Machina

Artagan initially interacted with Vox Machina while the party was traveling in the Feywild. For the majority of that first adventure, Artagan interacted with thee group under the disguise of a satyr named Garmelie. During the Vecna arc, he helped Vox Machina manipulate time discrepancy between Feywild and Prime Material Plane so they wouldn't lose too much time while resting before confronting Vecna again. As a price for that favor, he got to strangle Vax'ildan.

The Mighty Nein

Artagan was revealed to be The Traveler, a trickery deity worshipped by Jester.





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