Vox Machina

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Synonyms: VM
See also: The Mighty Nein
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Vox Machina is the name of the adventuring party the main characters were part of in the first campaign of Critical Role. The name is also used interchangeably to mean Campaign 1

Story arcs

There are six distinct arcs in the story:

  • The Kraghammer arc (episodes 1-16) where the party travels to the Underdark to rescue a halfling paladin Lady Kima of Vord and end up fighting a beholder
  • The Slayer's Take arc also known as The Vasselheim arc (episodes 17-23) where the party travels to the city of Vasselheim to secure the horn of Orcus and end up going on quests to join a Slayer's Take guild of monster hunters.
  • The Whitestone arc also known as The Briarwoods' arc (episodes 24-38) where the party faces off against Lord and Lady Briarwood and help Percy face demons from his past, as they fight to save the town of Whitestone from undead tyrants.
  • The Chroma Conclave arc (episodes 39-83) where the party escapes the destruction of Emon and goes on a quest to defeat four ancient chromatic dragons that destroyed Tal'Dorei.
  • Taryon Darrington arc (episodes 84–99) which is more of a wrap-up of loose ends connected by the fact it included Sam Riegel's temporary new character. Vox Machina helps Keyleth finish her Aramente, go to the Nine Hells to kill the Rakshasa and travel to Wildmount on a short character arc.
  • Vecna arc (episodes 100-115) where Vox Machina goes against their last villain, Vecna the Undying King, and sees the return of Sam Riegel's Scanlan Shorthalt.

Group name

Pre-stream, the group was going by The S.H.I.T.s (Super High Intensity Team). In-game, the name was changed because some members were of royal blood and couldn't be associated with such name. Out-of-game, the name change was prompted by the players moving their games on stream.