Argo Notes

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Title: Argo Notes
Editor(s): Mark Hernandez and Don Magness
Date(s): 1983
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Blazers & Yamato
Language: English
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Argo Notes is a 29-page gen Star Blazers and Yamato anthology edited by Mark Hernandez and Don Magness. It may be the first anime fanfic fanzine ever published. [1] Universal Translator listed it under "J" for Japanimation, a common description in use at that time. It is 5" X 7" in size and has a wraparound cover.

(See Trelainia for the first apazine.)

  • Tiger By the Tail by Susan M. Garrett (a poker game of the century)
  • Wildcard by Susan M. Garrett (how did Alex get back to Iskandar?)
  • Departure (Deslock gets a second chance)
  • other unknown content


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