Apartment 42

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Name: Apartment 42
Date(s): created in 1996 or 1997
Archivist: YouKneek?
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: Apartment 42
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Apartment 42 was an X-Files archive with a focus on fiction relating horror and darkfic.

"This Website maintains a partial archive of fan-authored fiction based upon the X-Files television show. All stories herein are sorted, rated, and summarized by a staff of highly trained amateurs. Trust us. We get the Big Bucks to make the Hard Calls. Don't try this at home, kids."

Sister Archives

"Dreamland contains the Angst archive. Angst contains emotionally laden stories that do not directly impinge upon the X-Files cases. Gatekeeper contains Crossovers. Crossover stories add another storyline to the X-Files. The Aquarium contains the Drama archive. Drama is the name given to those serious pieces which are structured as X-Files. The Goo-Log contains the Humor archive. Humor is the self-explanitory catagory which uses the X-Files genre to elicit a laugh or nine."

Apartment 42 Contents

  • Abductee by Windsinger (This is a truly chilling novel. Agent Mulder is set up, in the most unlikely and disturbing of manners. As much as I would like to relate the plot to you, I won't. I wouldn't spoil something I recommend as highly as Abdutee. Its sequel, Mile High, is located in Mulder's Aquarium. (Adult Language, Adult Situations, Sexual Situations)
  • Oklahoma by Amperage and Livengoo (In 1987, Fox Mulder was the FBI's golden boy, one of the elite VICAP profilers and a man with a bright future. But that future collides headlong with his past in Oklahoma. There a killer brings him face to face with the nightmares that shaped him and would push him into the X-Files. Definitely R rated. (Adult Language, Adult Situations, Explicit Violence))
  • The Sacrafice [sic] by Amperage (A child's terrifying dreams hold the key to stoping a coven of murderers. But between her visions and the killers' attacks, Scully and Mulder may not survive. (Adult Language, Adult Situations, Explicit Violence)
  • Hell and Back by Livengoo (In 1970, Hell House killed or expelled the last team that tried to solve its murderous puzzle. In 1995, the military sends a new team, and Agents Mulder and Scully are along for the ride. This is a haunted house only John Carpenter could love. NC-17. (Adult Language, Adult Situations, Explicit Violence, Sexual Content, Not For the Queasy)