And this Great Blue World of Ours

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Title: And this Great Blue World of Ours
Author(s): vailkagami, vail_kagami
Date(s): November 2010 - August 2012
Length: 246,726 words, 20 Chapters
Genre: Dystopian
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: Author's Masterpost on LiveJournal
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And this Great Blue World of Ours by vail_kagami, is a canon-divergent AU from episode 5x18, Point of No Return, where Dean says yes to Michael, but Sam continues to say no to Lucifer. It is often recced to fans who prefer fics about a hurt and damaged Sam, but it is also known for being a very bleak and violent view of the show's apocalypse, that packs an emotional punch.

The author went on to expand the story, calling it the Great Blue World series, writing two other fics, from the perspective of two other characters in the story, including And this Great Blue World of Ours Timestamp I: Michael and All the Streets Are Empty (and the Cars on Fire), a prequel from Castiel's POV, that was written for the 2012 Supernatural Gen Big Bang.


A man wakes up in a ruined wasteland, without memories, without a name, without knowing the strange guy who claims to once have been an angel, or that he once had a little brother. All he knows is that the world is dying, everyone is lying to him, and that somehow, somewhere, something went terribly wrong. Because someone said Yes when they should have said No, and someone else paid the price.

Reactions and Reviews

I think this might be the most bleak and violent dystopia AU I’ve ever read yet I’m recommending it because there was so much love and affection in it at the same time. There aren’t many words for how intense this fic is. My eyes were watering and hands a bit shaky when I finished. It was the equivalent of still being a little drunk with a book hangover.[1]
And in this great blue world of ours is a good post-apocalyptic story, AU from somewhere mid S5. This one's really dark (heed the warnings), but has cool world-building and is very well-written, especially at the beginning.[2]
I beta’d this fic from start to finish, so I’m probably biased (also the author is one of my favorite writers in Supernatural fandom), but this is fantastic. Enormous and detailed and emotionally intense. Be prepared for an emotional drain, but of the best kind.[3]
What if Dean said yes to Michael, but Sam kept resisting Lucifer? This fic is AMAZING but it will also FUCK YOU UP. Take the warnings seriously. Then read it if you can and have your life ruined forever.[4]
I've read a lot of really great Supernatural fic. I have quite a long list of favorites, actually. But...I think I might have, during the last week or so, read the best one to date. In fact, I literally just finished reading it a few minutes ago. Heck...I had to dry the tears before I started to write this. Because some of my other 'favorites' have also made me get a little teary, in the past. But this...this just made me outright CRY. It's literally the most beautiful thing I've possibly ever read.

And makes me want to go smack those 'real' writers of the show upside the head and say: 'THIS is what our Boys are capable of. THIS is what Supernatural CAN be'.

Because truly, Eric Kripke might have created Sam and Dean - and Cas - but what vail_kagami did with this fic, is remind me of why I love the Winchesters and their fallen angel so much. She took the things we love about them the most...and multiplied them by like, a hundred. And she made it BELIEVABLE. This fic is basically the end of Season 5 on STEROIDS. And y'all know me - Season 5 was IT for me. So for me to say 'hey, this person went and made something BETTER than Season 5'...well, you gotta derive from that at least halfway how amazing this fic is.

You might start reading it and think 'boy, this seems bleak'. And it IS. It paints a very bleak picture. It's dark, and disturbing, sad, and sometimes even painful. But DUDE, do not let that scare you off!

Because if you love the Boys and Castiel like I do...then you know they never give up. And in goodness, in this that is more apparent than ever. I'll say it again: it makes me mourn for Network television and it's stupid constrictions. Because THIS is the show I'd want to watch.[5]
Vailkagami's And This Great Blue World of Ours... is an epic post-apocalyptic story where Sam has been tortured by Lucifer and various demons and angels in an attempt to get him to say "yes". Sam is very fragile and very mentally and physically damaged but also so brave and determined and stoic. Dean is very protective of him, and cares for him tenderly... I should warn that it gets pretty traumatising at times and there is non-con between Sam and various villains.[6]
One of my favorite stories. It’s not strictly sastiel, but Sam and Castiel interactions are crucial. Why I love it? It’s written in amazing style, characters are beautifully portrayed, it’s dark and painful. It’s not an easy lecture, but it’s one of those stories that stays with you for a long time.[7]