And Be One Traveler (Stargate Atlantis story)

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Title: And Be One Traveler
Author(s): Amireal and Trinityofone
Date(s): October 2006
Length: ~69,400 words
Genre: crossover, AU, RPF, slash, metafic
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Atlantis RPF
External Links: And Be One Traveler on Wayback
And Be One Traveler (original story website, Wayback link)
And Be One Traveler (LiveJournal, member-locked)
And Be One Traveler cover art by siriaeve

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And Be One Traveler is a Stargate Atlantis/Stargate Atlantis RPF crossover fic in which the actor David Hewlett, who plays the character Rodney McKay, finds himself mysteriously transported to and temporarily stranded in an alternate universe where the Atlantis expedition is real and the Gateverse fact.

A 32-reader podfic of the story was produced in late 2008.

Recs and Reviews

"I know RPF/S is considered by many to be that one line in fandom you don't cross (we have lines?!), but I urge you to cross that line (if it is indeed one for you) for this fic. These are two of the best authors in the fandom and together they create a story of amazing power, emotion, and wonder."[1]
"Some stories fall apart under too much observation, the act of analysis stripping away the magic of the storytelling; this is not one of those stories. This is the kind of story that begs to be talked about, begs to be written about and analyzed and yes, debated and argued about, because I know this story is not going to be to everyone's tastes. [...] So, David Hewlett wakes up one morning on Atlantis. And it is nothing and everything like he always thought it would be. Meanwhile, John Sheppard and the rest of the Atlantis cast attempt to grapple with the knowledge that somewhere in another world, the story of their lives airs weekly on the SciFi channel."[2]


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