And Anywhere I Lay My Head

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Title: And Anywhere I Lay My Head
Author(s): Maria M.
Date(s): July 1997
Length: ~3,400 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: And Anywhere I Lay My Head (MKRA)
And Anywhere I Lay My Head (MKRA, old URL)

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And Anywhere I Lay My Head is a Mulder/Krycek story by Maria M.

Summary: Mulder/Krycek. What if Krycek came looking for Mulder after *Gethsemane*?

Recs and Reviews

Unknown Date

It's after Gethsemane. Mulder is believed dead by his enemies, including Alex Krycek.[1]


I know the page is terribly gray, but it's raining here, and you can have a story to go with the mood--wistful? Sad? Haunted? The X-Files slash story Anywhere I lay my head by Maria M is all of these things. I would also like to recommend the short and tender Petitions and prayer by the same author.



Jan says: A theme this time, with X-Files stories ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime: Laura Capozzola's Dead for the Summer, Brooklyn Bentleigh's The Mourning After, and Maria M's And Anywhere I Lay My Head (sorry, this story is no longer available online). It's interesting how every writer deals with similar circumstances in different ways. I love all of these stories, for different reasons.[3]


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