Allydia Appreciation Week

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Name: Allydia Appreciation Week
Date(s): 2012, 2013
Moderator(s): Emily, Blair
Founder: Emily, Blair
Type: fanweek - gif sets, fanfiction, meta, aesthetic edits, fan art, fanmixes, fan edits
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Associated Community:
URL: allydiaweek
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Allydia Appreciation Week was a fanweek, prompt based challenge dedicated to the Teen Wolf pairing of Allison Argent/Lydia Martin, also known as Allydia. Multiple types of fanworks were accepted, including gif sets, fanfiction, fan art, meta, aesthetic edits, fanmixes and other fan edits.



  • Day 1: Favorite Scene
  • Day 2: AU
  • Day 3: Music
  • Day 4: A Reason To Ship It
  • Day 5: Fanfiction
  • Day 6: Future
  • Day 7: Free Day


  • Day 1: Music
  • Day 2: OT3
  • Day 3: AU
  • Day 4: AU
  • Day 5: Valentines