All Your Trek Are Belong to Us

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Name: All Your Trek Are Belong to Us
Owner/Maintainer: Laura Goodwin
Dates: 1998-?
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS, K/S
URL: All Your Trek Are Belong To Us! K/S humor (Adult), Archived version
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One of the earliest multimedia K/S sites was Laura G.’s All Your Trek Are Belong to Us, originally hosted at in 1998 before being moved to its present own domain at . With not only her own short fiction and poetry, but also commentary and annotated screencaps espousing K/S and audio files like the LoveTrek.wav (, the page tended to present an argument for the Kirk and Spock as lovers viewpoint with varying degrees of humor and contentiousness. [1]

The website's name is a reference to All your base are belong to us, a mistranslation in a 1991 video game that later became an Internet meme.

first page of the website



But Seriously, Folks...

  • Be Proud To Be A Trekkie!
  • Copyright Infringement Questions
  • Respecting Roddenberry's Vision
  • TOS Changed Everything
  • Kirk: My Ten Reasons
  • Spock: Top Ten Reasons
  • Common Kirk Myths
  • Kirk's Close Encounters
  • Kirk and K.I.S.S.I.N.G.
  • Captain Kirk Loves Women
  • Kirk/Spock's Likes/Dislikes
  • Kirk: Spanking Questions
  • Spock: Blond Magnet!
  • Odd Bedfellows
  • Kirk: Iowa Boy
  • Telepathy: It's Logical
  • The Dark Side Of Spock
  • If Mirimanee Lived
  • Why Kirk Is Important...

Regarding Kirk/Spock...

  • Proof Of Love
  • NEW: K/S FAQ
  • K/S Fanfic Issues
  • K/S, And Picket Fences
  • K/S, and Me
  • Kirk: No Ladies Man
  • Against All Odds
  • Spontaneous Combustion
  • Fifty-fifty (Spock comes home)
  • T'hy'la
  • Everything, and a Girl
  • If Spock Was A Woman
  • Deep Thoughts
  • Chess: Slashy Game
  • General Slash Notes
  • Kirk and Spock: Gay?
  • Kinky K/S, And Occam's Razor
  • Elephant In The Living Room

Not So Seriously...

  • This Vulcan Penis Problem
  • Kirk, And The Androids
  • Is That All That Was?
  • FILK - Alternate Theme Lyrics
  • FILK - The Starship Enterprise
  • Bugs Bunny and Captain Kirk
  • Silly TREK Swifties

Detailed analysis:

  • Episodes In Detail (humor)
  • The Women Of Star Trek


K/S Parody Storybooks (NC-17):

  • Kun-Ut-Kalee Follies
  • Peace My Ass, 1
  • Peace My Ass, 2
  • Guys Is Dolls
  • Family Matters
  • The Gaylaleggo Seven
  • Khan't Touch This
  • This Silly Pairoguys, 1
  • This Silly Pairoguys, 2
  • Rough Trade
  • Hell Bent
  • Kirk On Leave, 1
  • Kirk On Leave, 2
  • Games Galore
  • Puppy Dog Tales
  • Cracked Mirror
  • The Deal With Keeler, 1
  • The Deal With Keeler, 2
  • Smokin' in the Vulcan's Room
  • The Funny Guys Syndrome
  • The Clod Binders
  • Chillin' Back In The Day

Is It Genetic?

  • Dr. Destructo (PG)
  • Mother's Bloody Nuisance (PG)
  • High-Need Children (PG)

Kinky For Sure

  • The Transformed Kirk (R)
  • Jimmy Boy (NC-17)
  • Happy Result of His Research (NC-17)
  • Command of His Own (NC-17)
  • Nooner With Daddy (NC-17)
  • Too Much (NC-17)

Bisexual, And Other

  • A Slice Of Heaven (PG-13)
  • The Marrying Kind (R)
  • Orion Question (R)
  • Infatuation (R)
  • Filthy K/S Limericks (NC-17)
  • Filthy Trek Limericks (NC-17)
  • Revised: K/S Drabbles (Mixed)
  • Revised: TOS Drabbles (Mixed)

First Person POV:

  • My Middle Name (G)
  • Let Me Explain (PG-13)
  • Personal Ads (PG-13)
  • FILK - Just Like On Deneb 4 (R)
  • Like Anybody Else, I Would Like To Live (R)
  • My Vulcan Friend (R)
  • The Tarbaby (R)
  • The Testimony Of Commander Spock (R)
  • My Life That Could Have Been (R)
  • Making Love To A Vulcan Man (NC-17)
  • I Wanted This For You (R)


  1. ^ from The Legacy of K/S on the Internet: Online K/S Fiction, an article in Legacy #1