Laura Goodwin

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Name: Laura Goodwin
Alias(es): spockpuppet, NotDeadJim, callmeMrSpock, many others
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
URL: All Your Trek Are Belong To Us! K/S humor (Adult), Archived version
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first page of her website: All Your Trek Are Belong to Us

Laura Goodwin is a Star Trek fan mostly active in the 2000s.

She is the creator of fiction, non-fiction, humorous episode commentaries, and gif sets at All Your Trek Are Belong to Us, one of the first multi-media Trek websites.

From Goodwin's webpage:


Goodwin was at the center of a lot of wank on mailing lists in 2000.

Some of this controversy was about sockpuppets, sermonizing, responding to her own posts using another name, posting private information from other lists, plagiarism, bullying, and making purposely confrontational posts.

One example is these 2000 discussions on alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated: