K/S Fanfic Issues: some thoughts about the guys

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Title: K/S Fanfic Issues: some thoughts about the guys
Creator: Laura Goodwin
Date(s): late 1990s?, early 2000s?
Medium: online
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Topic: K/S
External Links: online here, Archived version
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K/S Fanfic Issues: some thoughts about the guys is an essay by Laura Goodwin.


I hate the way they developed the characters post-TOS. I can't believe their talent, drive, love, and weird energy would be squandered like that. In my imagination they go off in a different direction completely, and wind up founding their own colony together, which I picture as a utopian social experiment that just blooms into something incredible. It would be a place where they could try out all their own ideas about how life should be, with the supportive assistance of an interesting mix of adventurous people. I just can't agree with all these fanfic writers who can only see them as mere lovers, wallowing around in bed or in the dungeon as if they don't have worlds and worlds of more important things to do. I'm not saying they aren't having lots of kinky sex: I like to think that they are! ;) I just don't think it's at the center of their lives. What's exciting about their relationship is bigger than that.
The kind of deep devotion these two guys demonstrate for each other is not a mere alliance. It's pretty clear to me that much of what motivates them is their love for each other.

I like to think sex is involved, and the kinkier the better, but sex isn't the answer, it's just another piece of the puzzle. Sex probably would cause as many problems as it would solve for them.

How can they ever dream of having something like a normal relationship? Neither one of these guys is in any way normal. You don't take two spectacularly abnormal people, put them together, and come up with normal. Their relationship is probably very weird behind closed doors, by anybody's standards. I'll bet they do things when nobody is lookin' that NOBODY would understand if they were lookin', which is probably why they really don't want to talk about it. There's probably no words for some of it.