All That Remains

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Title: All That Remains
Author(s): kijikun
Date(s): 02 September 2008[1] - 22 February 2009[2]
Length: 81,526 words
Genre: slash fanfiction, kidfic
Fandom: Marvel 616, Captain America, Iron Man
External Links: All That Remains (AO3)
All That Remains (LiveJournal)
Some Assembly Required series (AO3)

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All That Remains is a Steve/Tony story by kijikun. It contains spoilers through "Fallen Son" and is set somewhere in the first half of 2008. Secret Invasion does not exist in this universe.

Summary: In retrospect, it was the answer to all of the questions he'd carefully avoided asking, all of the things he hadn't wanted to look at too closely.

The author expanded the universe of the story to a series called Some Assembly Required. Other parts of the series include: Messages (1,875 words), In the Workshop (1,730 words), Ice Cream and Secrets (1,808 words), and First Noel (2,707 words).

Recs and Reviews

I love this ‘verse so much. I love the plot, the characterizations, and the relationships that developed here. Usually I’m kind of wary of kid!fics, but I just love Maria — I love how she grows with Tony and how gradual and real it felt. The interaction between Tony and Maria is, in my opinion, the main draw for this fic. I mean, the relationship between Tony and Steve is wonderful as well, but Tony and Maria totally warm my heart — I love how the three of them have become a family together. ♥ I definitely can’t wait for more in this ‘verse! ♥[3]
Tony Stark's life is not exactly a paradise: he is reluctantly in charge of SHIELD, politicians are trying to manipulate him and Steve is dead. To add to his already complicated existence, he becomes the guardian of a nine-year-old girl who has spent her short life being trained as a weapon. As Tony learns to be a father and F-12 learns to be Maria they have to deal with the repercussions of the SHRA and the unexpected return of Steve Rogers. One of the most common complaints I hear about kid!fics is that the children are portrayed in a rather unrealistic manner. Maria is indeed not your average nine-year-old, but then again she is not supposed to be. Her confusion about her new situation and the way she deals with the changes in her life are quite realistic and make for compelling storytelling. Though I like the fact the fact that Steve and Tony patch things up after the Civil War debacle (with a few understandable bumps along the way), the relationship that really shines here and makes the fic worth reading is the one between Tony and Maria as they become a family.[4]
Set post-Civil War in a universe where Secret Invasion never happened. One of the better Tony/Steve kidfics out there, as Maria is a very real, complex character with actual problems that come from having been part of a shady government project. Steve and Tony have a past established relationship, only adding to the issues they have to sort out in the present upon Steve's return.[5]


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