All About Spike Interview with Indri

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Interviews by Fans
Title: All About Spike Interview with Indri
Interviewee: Indri
Date(s): between 2002-2006
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Angel and Buffy
External Links: full interview is here; reference link
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Indri was interviewed for All About Spike.


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Some Excerpts

I wrote fanfic as a child, without knowing what it was called, but stopped to concentrate on writing "original" fiction in my teens. I returned to writing fanfic when I was feeling burnt out by my PhD studies; I'd been working on a novel up until then, but trying to work full-time, finish my thesis part-time and work on a novel would have killed me. Writing short fanfics was a way for me to write fiction without my brain pouring out of my ears. Besides, my head was full of BtVS images and turns of phrase: the only way I could get the damn things out of my head was to write them down.
It's play. You can try out many different forms, genres and styles and explore different techniques very easily. Plus you can write in a very dense and allusive fashion, as you can assume that most of your audience is completely familiar with the backstory and characters. Also I very much enjoy working within the tight confines of canon; I love interpolating. Then there's the fact that you can self-publish without shame and without all that tedious toing-and-froing of sending stuff to editors. Oh and the feedback's very nice too.
You know, if I could answer this question fully and succinctly I probably wouldn't feel the urge to write about him. But have a look at "Fool for Love" and see how many genres he walks effortlessly in and out of: drawing-room romance, weird tale, Hong Kong action flick, blaxploitation movie, melodrama, magic realism and noir at the very least. He's versatile, is our Spike, and he's British, so I get to use slang and speech rhythms that I'm familiar with, rather than trying to fake Valley Girl. He's willing to strive for the nigh impossible, he's usually the underdog, and he combines strong "masculine" and "feminine" traits in equal measure. But his strongest appeal to me is actually philosophical, because he's about self-determination and free will, and because he's very grounded in the material world without being materialistic.