All's Fair (Seriously)

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Title: All's Fair (Seriously)
Author(s): t_verano
Date(s): 31 October 2011
Length: ~1,900 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
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All's Fair (Seriously) is a Steve/Danny story by t_verano.

Summary: Written for the Halloween Hula Comment Fic Fest for the prompt: Steve somehow ends up having to wear a ridiculous unmanly costume, like a fairy or princess or something, complete with tights and tutu, wings, whatever. (I'm picturing The Rock as the Tooth Fairy, for example.) Maybe he lost a bet and has to wear it to a party or maybe he has to do it for Grace, where they have to be a matched pair, trick-or-treating or a party, coz he can't deny her anything. Bonus if Danny promises to reward Steve afterwards, leading to him peeling off the costume slowly and driving Steve crazy. Smexy times ensue. Any rating, but porn would be most awesome.

Recs and Reviews

Steve in a pink fluffy tutu... Steve in pink princess glitter.... Tight white tights.... Glitter pen outlined tatoos.... Buff arms and abs.... From the hilarious to the pant-inducing smexy imagery, this fic pleases on so many levels. I love how t_verano has interwoven her humor, her inner Danny monologue, her Gracie moments, and just the sheer ovary-exploding image of Steve in a tight princess pink tutu get up with glitter everywhere with everything outlined for Danny's pleasure. *wicked grin* She has walked the fine line between grin-inducing wackiness and the wriggle-in-your-seat imagery of Steve in all his glory.[1]


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