Alice Jones & Killian Jones (Wish)

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Gen Relationship
Relationship: Alice Jones & Killian Jones (Wish)
Alternative name(s): KnightRook
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Type: Family (Father-Daughter)
Canonical?: Yes
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KnightRook (also seen as Knightrook) is the father-daughter relationship between Alice Jones and the Wishverse version of Killian Jones from the seventh season of Once Upon A Time.



Relationship Name

The origin and earliest known use of the name 'KnightRook' appears to be in the tags of the fic 'Little Pieces' posted on Tumblr by bleebug.


KnightRook is often argued as being one of the better aspects of the last season, both by those who like Season 7, and those who don't. In a similar manner to Curious Archer and Alice more broadly, KnightRook has been largely praised by both fans and critics. However, there are portions of the wider OUAT fandom who are more outspoken at their dislike of the relationship, particularly from corners of the Captain Swan fandom, often due to perceptions of Wish!Killian in comparison to Original!Killian.

Many however, including a not inconsequential amount from other corners of the CS fandom, love KnightRook, with some going so far as to cite it as one of the best parent-child relationships the show ever did.[1]

Certain aspects of their relationship are particularly praised, such as the consistency at which Killian is supportive of his daughter[2]



Discussions have arisen regarding whether or not Killian abandoned Alice and if so, to what extent.

Amongst fans, opinions differ, though everyone agrees Killian cared for his daughter immensely, and it has had very little, if any, affect on their relationship. Some believe he did, in the sense that he eventually stopped trying to find a cure temporarily after becoming depressed, before overcoming his struggle and going forward once again[3] whilst others argue he didn't.[4]

Amongst certain critics of the relationship, some have argued that he selfishly abandoned her, and that there were ways he could have stayed with her. This idea is vehemently disagreed upon by fans of the duo, and even amongst those who are more ambivalent, by stating things that happened within the show itself.


  • GoldenKnightRook[5] - Rumple is often deemed to be an additional father figure to Alice, both in the absence of her papa and with him. He'll often be referred to as Dad N#2[6] (or variations of such). Sometimes GoldenKnightRook simply refers to Alice's shared fatherly figures[7], other times it will incorporate the romantic pairing of Rumple/Killian Jones (Wish).


  • Piggyback Time - Taken from the OUAT Season 7 Bloopers regarding the actors and often applied to the characters themselves.[8]

Common Tropes & Themes

  • Angst - Given Alice's isolation in the tower, angsty KnightRook stories taking place during this time are fairly common.
  • Alternate Universes - AU's in which Alice and Killian were able to live together outside the tower, modern AU or not, are relatively popular.

Conventions & Panels

  • Enchanted 2
    • At the Enchanted 2 convention, a panel featuring Rose, Colin and Andrew J. West (Adult Henry Mills), resulted in them acting out an improv scene as their characters in which Alice attempts to tell her father she's pregnant.

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