Alex Kamal

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Name: Alex Kamal
Occupation: Pilot of the Rocinante
Relationships: Talissa Kamal (Estranged wife),
Melas Kamal (Son (TV))
Fandom: The Expanse
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Alex Kamal is a character in the TV series The Expanse, which is based on the novel of the same name by James S.A. Corey.


Alex is a former pilot with the Martian Congressional Republic Navy. After he was honourably discharged, Alex left his family on Mars to take a job as a pilot in the asteroid belt. As a pilot on the Canterbury, he was one of a small group tasked to investigate a distress beacon. They were the only survivors following an attack by an unknown enemy on the Canterbury.


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  • Amos Burton/Alex Kamal is the slash pairing of Alex and the Roci's mechanic, Amos Burton
  • Bobbie Draper/Alex Kamal is a rare het pairing, of Alex and fellow Martian Bobbie Draper

Allegations Against the Actor

In June 2020, allegations against Cas Anvar the actor who played Alex Kamal came to light. This was a topic for discussion within fandom, particularly at /r/TheExpanse, where there was a designated thread for discussion of the (at that time) ongoing investigation. The mods at /r/TheExpanse compiled victim accounts of the allegations and required anyone commenting in the designated thread to read all of the allegations before commenting.

Almost immediately following the news breaking, fans began to discuss what should be done with the character of Alex Kamal. Filming for season 5 had already been completed, so the character would appear in the upcoming season. Fans wondered if the season would (or could) be edited to give Alex a reduced role, and there was also discussion about how the character should be handled in subsequent seasons. Many fans were supportive of recasting, while others supported the removal of the character from the series. Fandom was very much divided on the best way forward, with fans of the book series appearing more likely to support recasting.

Ultimately the character of Alex Kamal was killed off in the season 5 finale. This is a massive divergence from book canon, where Alex survived for decades after the war with the Free Navy.

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Meta & Discussion

  • Alex's Message Home disccussion on Reddit, started by NoLA_Owl. I am lost with Alex kamal's message to his wife/daughter. I know James has a mixed up family because of the home stead required the genetic mix. But I am lost with Alex. I just always viewed him as the pin holding the crew together. Yeah not really main stage but bearing his load and keeping things together and moving. This message is a peek at the man in the pilot chair. Just wondering what the community thoughts/knowledge is concerning the message.

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