Against the Wall (Hawaii Five-0 story)

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You may be looking for the Blake's 7 story Against the Wall.

Title: Against the Wall
Author(s): kristen999
Date(s): 26 September 2011
Length: 2,500 words
Genre: gen fanfiction, hurt/comfort
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Against the Wall (LJ)
Against the Wall Awards HC.png

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Against the Wall is a Hawaii Five-0 gen story by kristen999. It won the 2012 Hawaii Five-0 Ohana Favorite Awards in the category "Steve and Danny - Genre: Hurt/Comfort".[1]

Summary: There's no plan. Adrenaline and anger dictate his actions. Danny reaches the door. The fact that it’s unlocked, that he's deemed not a threat, fuels his rage.

Recs and Reviews

Hi, my name is Cari and I like hurt/comfort. A lot. This is a fic where Steve gets tortured and Danny is hurt by Steve getting tortured. Then Danny kicks a whole lot of ass and Steve and Danny hug it out. Pretty simple but sometimes my needs are simple. All joking aside, for all that this is a straightforward torture-hurt/comfort fic it is really quite powerfully written. It’s one of the darker things I’ve seen come out of this fandom (after years in the SPN fandom I’m a bit spoiled on the topic of all things dark and painful) but it’s still so good. I love that Danny struggles at the end, despite knowing that he did the right thing.[2]
Very suspenseful! And I like that it was Danny who rescued Steve--the escape/action sequence was handled extremely well. And of course in the middle of all that, we get to see Steve and Danny's friendship and deep emotional bond.[3]


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