Adrenaline and Soma Powered Blake's 7 Pages

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Name: Adrenaline and Soma Powered Blake's 7 Pages
Owner/Maintainer: Sue Clerc
Dates: c. January 1996 – 2001
Type: information, reviews, essays
Fandom: Blake's 7
URL:; (via Wayback Machine) and others
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The Adrenaline and Soma Powered Blake's 7 Pages was a Blake's 7 fansite by Sue Clerc. Online by January 1996, it was one of the earliest B7 fansites on the web. It was part of the Blakes 7 Web Ring.

Some of the content was edited from posts to Lysator and tribs to Rallying Call.

In the summer and fall of 1996, the site was getting 100 to 200 visitors a week. [1]


The site was advertised in a 1996 edition of the adzine Media Monitor and appears in a list of websites in the Lysator FAQ dated January 1996. Its first caption competition is dated March 1996. The site was located at various urls during its history, including, (1999), (2000) & (2000–2001). It appears to have gone offline towards the end of 2001.


Contents included:

Some Early Comments by the Site's Creator

From April 1996, a few months after the site was created:

My web pages are growing and will continue to do so until comp services tells me to stop adding things. I'm about to load a dozen text files and data tables this week, along with the new caption contest photo. Joyce's cartoons "inspired" me to put up a photo and ask people to suggest captions for it, with a new photo and the last one's results posted every month. The files include lists compiled long ago for the mailing list — animals, food and drink, games, bloopers, filming locations, a brief essay on population size and resistance, recycled props, and Nicole's wonderful essay about Blake's training from issue 15 [of Rallying Call]. More will follow as time permits. I hope to add some con photos of the actors, too. [2]


  • The TV Portal describes the site: Sue Clerc's pages include lots of information about the series and an excellently-maintained list of B7 links.[3]
  • AJRimmer recommends the site: Wonderful site that has a hilarious picture caption contest and episode comments that make it obvious how much time has been put into this site.[4]
  • The Lysator FAQ describes its contents as: FAQs, the drinking game, recurring themes in B7 fan fic, a partial bibliography of books and articles, and links to other sites. Pcitures never before seen on the net will be added as time and toys allow.[5]
  • Una McCormack recommends the site: an eclectic and entertaining set of B7 interest pages brought to you by Sue Clerc. The monthly Caption Contest is always good for a laugh, and the Recurring Fanfic Themes are also very funny. There's also an archive of the mailing list discussions of the Myers-Briggs Personality Types when applied to B7 characters.[6]
  • Central Control recommends the site: Lots and lots of links to Blake's 7 sites online, plus an archive of useful material including photos, lists and essays.[7]
  • Resources for the Blake's 7 Fanfic Writer describes the site: FAQ, essays, photos, character bios, caption contest, episode comments, and more.[8]
  • Neil Faulkner recommends it: Another goodie, with lots of provocative essays on fan fiction, episodes and other aspects of B7. And a good caption compo with some hilarious entries.[9]


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