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Synonyms: Hobbies, Dancing
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There are many activities or hobbies that may be used in fanworks to show character interests and skills, how relationships evolve and work, routines, comfort zones, and to world-build.


When the entity itself is flying. For plane rides see this setting.

untitled, Archived version by QridPNG, formerly Qrid-PNGFandom: ITDate: 17 May 2019Length: 2Medium: FanartGenre: Bandage, Flying, Fusion: Peter Pan, Hand Holding
Gift i did for a friend and her Reddie Peter Pan Au

Listening to Music

untitled, Archived version by EnterrialFandom: ITDate: 24 October 2019Length: 540px × 405pxMedium: FanartGenre: Listening to Music, Pre-Slash, Richie Tozier Wears Button Ups
Tfw you have a crush on your best friend 😳 (Reddie)

Watching Movies

untitled, Archived version by ElloMello16Fandom: ITDate: 16 June 2019Length: 1,280px × 845pxMedium: FanartStatus: CompleteGenre: Blanket Fort, Eddie Kaspbrak's Shorts, Watching Movies
“What’s happening now, Eds?” “I dunno.. watch it.” (Reddie)

Movie Night

Playing Games

Card, Computer, Party, Tabletop, and Video Games...

Game Night


Richie’s letting me read some of his new ones!, Archived version by Ask-EdsFandom: ITDate: 18 July 2018Medium: Fanart: FancomicGenre: Reading
Anonymous asked: Hey, Eddie! What're you and the Trashmouth up to? (Reddie)

Reading Aloud

This usually occurs when one character is reading aloud to others with purpose. Often to bond with or take care of them, as being read to can feel very safe.


Also known as napping.

untitled, Archived version by TetraBlockFandom: ITDate: 23 December 2018Length: 700px × 678pxMedium: FanartStatus: CompleteGenre: Eddie Kaspbrak's Fannypack, Eddie Kaspbrak's Shorts, Richie Tozier Wears Button Ups, Sleeping
DangerousBunnyRabbit wrote: Commission drawn by @TetraBlock 💗 (Reddie)

Sleeping Together

Also known as 'literally sleeping together' to offset the euphemism of sleeping together meaning sex. Differs from Sharing a Bed because they are sleeping somewhere besides a bed.

untitled, Archived version by SunZips, formerly KiwiBarkFandom: ITDate: 19 February 2018Medium: FanartGenre: Bracelet, Nail Polish, Piercings, Sleeping Together
rich n eds (Reddie)


untitled, Archived version by KestersanFandom: ITDate: 20 January 2020Medium: FanartGenre: Stargazing, Your Mom
the first picture, Archived version i sketched in 2017 is so bad ugh so - redraw from 2020 - not saying that the new one is 100% better but still (Reddie)