Across Enemy Lines

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Title: Across Enemy Lines
Author(s): Gypsy Silverleaf
Date(s): written in October 1999 or before [1] posted to Harry Potter's Realm of Wizardry on December 8, 1999 [2], posted to on January 28, 1999
Length: 25162 words
Genre: het
Fandom: Harry Potter
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Across Enemy Lines is a 1999 Harry Potter story by Gypsy Silverleaf.

This fic is notable because it is the very first Draco/Hermione fic posted to the internet.

The author was an eighth grader at the time they wrote the story. [3]

Posted to "Harry Potter's Realm of Wizardry"

It was posted to Harry Potter's Realm of Wizardry on December 8, 1999.

The author's statement at that site:
I write Harry Potter fan fiction. I'm actually one of the first writers ever, I got the administration over at to start the Harry Potter fan fiction section, I wrote the first Severus Snape-oriented fic, and I started the Draco/Hermione ship. Scary, no? [4]

Across Enemy Lines (at Harry Potter's Realm of Wizardry, where it has a moving gif!)

The author lists these dates as story updates at that site: January 18th, 2000, October 30, 2001 and April 13, 2002. [5]

Posted to ""

It was posted to in seven chapters on January 28, 2000.

Enemy Series - Story 1 - Across Enemy Lines, Archived version (at

At that site, there are 520 reviews for "Across Enemy Lines." The first ones, oddly, are all dated April 11, 2000 which doesn't quote match up with the January 28, 2000 posting date. Perhaps the story went unnoticed there until April?

Part of a Series

This story is the first part of a three-part series called "The Enemy Series."

The series was originally going to be five parts long.

  • Across Enemy Lines
  • Amid the Encircling Gloom ("Six years later, Draco is a fugitive in both the wizardry and Muggle worlds. We learn he broke up with Hermione, who now works at the Daily Prophet & is an enemy of the Minister of Magic (Arthur Weasley) years before...")
  • Advancing the Enemy ("Detailing what happens inbetween the first two stories. Draco, abused and threatened by Lucius Malfoy, leaves wizard society and becomes a rather clever theif. Hermione moves on with life to first become a Minis[...]")


Dealing with the romance of Draco and Hermione, and the prejudices they face at Hogwarts. [6]
Draco Malfoy finds himself not feeling a part of the Slytherin crowd anymore, and the world is desolate before him. He finds solace and love in a surprising source. First story of "The Enemy Series".[7]
Draco finds himself feeling more and more alone in the Slytherin house and in the whole world. He feels defensive, scared, and passive. He even refuses to Ronald Weasley, who ends up fighting him anyway and putting Draco in the hospital wing. Things can't get much worse. But when Draco meets Hermione Granger, truly for the first time, his world is turned upsidedown. [8]

The first Draco and Hermione fanfiction to ever hit the fandom; March and April 2000. Kind of scary, really, that I started so much, including this ship. I'm sort of happy about it, in fact. The following summary is what I put up in 2000 and I apologize for the idiocy. It's actually an okay story, despite my words. Complete.

"A story about Hermione and Draco. I TOLD YOU ALL I WOULD DO THIS - and I did. Hehe. Anyway, it's finally up and ninety pages long! ::cough:: It's about what if Hermione and Draco ever fell for each other . . . I personally think it sucks, but I guess that's my opinion." [9]

Author's Notes

Author's Note:

So, would you suppose that Draco and Hermione would live happily ever after, like in a fairy tale? That's how every good story should end, but this story isn't really a fairy tale - it is largely about the prejudice that seems to surround the Harry Potter books. Could this be why some people are trying to ban Harry Potter, but just don't think this is as good or as powerful as saying that he is evil? Possibly, possibly not.

To take a moment, I don't see a real reason for Slytherins and Gryffindors to hate each other - just because of some stupid rivalry between two men that have been dead for one thousand years. But, alas, maybe this is the same reason for the white supremacists hating dark-skinned people and Hitler hating the Jews and all the other people not named that he killed . . .

Now, I truthfully do not want to get into a debate about racism and prejudice that lace our world like heroin, but if challenged, I could start yelling. I also don't want to debate Hitler's actions, though, again, I'm strongly opinionated about World War II, especially. Just to recommend, pick up either of the books Why Do They Hate Me? and/or We Are Witnesses. Anne Frank - A Diary of a Young Girl hardly does WWII justice in the real part of the war. (I also have an opinion of Anne Frank, but I guess her story is an interesting view of the war.)

Anyway, I have just always wanted to see something happen that would bring at least some Slytherins and Gryffindors together. I hate how everyone yells about what a bad guy Draco is - or "I hate Snape because he's mean!" for that matter - but do we really know him enough to judge him? No. Absolutely not. He might have been brought up to hate all Muggle-born witches; it very much seems so, but just . . . what if that was broken? That's another principle of the story.

In my personal view, I have seen Draco and Hermione "together," but with a strong story behind it. I can just see people telling him that his "hormones are the only reason" he would be attracted to Hermione.

This story is not one of my best works, I admit openly, but it was the longest fan fiction (of only three) I have ever written. All of it was approximately seventy-three and a half pages with Times New Roman font and all spaced the way you see.

I love you all! Well, most of you. Some of you are nasty, little creatures that need to be crushed by my big feet! ::wiggles her toes at the computer screen:: Okay, okay, just kidding. Please read those books I recommended and I hope you all a happy holiday or two! :-)



December 8th, 1999 [10]

Fan Comments:


i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this story! this is probably the eighteenth time i've read this, 1st time when i stumbled across your page. this is most definitely in league with Mena Baines...i find so few people who can compete with her! you're one of them! i've finally gained a bit of respect and a liking for draco malfoy. not just anyone can do that...:)
Erm...good show, and all that. Did you have to go to bed before you could finish it properly? One good point: you got the feelings of a young man in love with someone who you're not sure likes you is bang on!
HA! Hermione/Draco, now that's a new one! This was great, Ron was out of character, but it was still good. Now THIS should be interesting...
Good Story! Very original, I don't think I've seen any other ones from Draco's viewpoint. It was really interesting.
It's great! Draco's one of my favourite characters, but you never get to see his view, and now you do, and it's really written well! Keep it up!
this story is the bomb. i can't wait to read the rest.
I think you must have experience all these emotions before. I can relate to every single one of them - except, I never got the girl I wanted, unlike Malfoy. Oops, sorry, Draco. Brrrrrrrrrrrrravo!
You will write more, won't you? I hate to be left hanging. I have to say that throughout these stories Hermione is a traitor to Harry, Ron and Gryffindor in a way I mever dreamed she would be, but it is a very interesting twist on the story of Harry Potter, and it is very well written. However, I would like to point out that Draco Malfoy, at least last time we met him, did not have all that much hair for Hermione to fluff. However, a lot can change in three years... :-)
OK. now that I have gotten over the shock of a draco/hermione relationship...I would just like to ask you, since when does Dumbledore get involved in personal relationships? and espesialy, since when do relationships get announced in the great hall?
Oh. That... was... so... SWEET! I loved it! I wish something like that would happen to me! And I especially loved how you made Draco stand up to the proffesors all the time. And what happened after harry followed snape? I want to know!
I like the Draco/Hermione! :) *grins happily amidst frowning Harry/Hermione people* not that I'm totally against Harry/Hermione its just everyone else (almost) has a Harry/Harmione thing. Anyway you are a really good writer. I actually first read this story on the link from Jenna's UHPFC. But I LIKE DUMBLEDORE! Can't you be a little nice to him? *begging on knees* And don't be so hard on Ron, please? .. that was an excellent story! I just loved it! It really made Draco and Hermione come alive. Hey, I'm a Draco fan too (he's one of my fave characters) I love your webpage, too!

I really believe that Draco/Hermione could happen now. Hope JKRowling makes Draco nicer soon...;)

I wrote a couple of fics too, pls check them out! One on a person NO ONE has ever done before and a short series on Voldemort/Tom Riddle when he was young.

Keep writing!
Superb story; wonderful, a masterpiece for all time - this is the ultimate H/D romance novel in the world! You capture the emotions and reactions so perfectly, even J.K. couldn't have written it as great as you!
Wow. Wow! Fantasticly great and spiffy story! I read the whole series, and I never thought I'd be a Herm/Draco fan, but now I am! I really liked how you gave Draco some humanity-some fanfic authors don't even address what his family and house would think about him and Herm getting together, and some only touch on it breifly, so it was really great to see that addressed in a really good way, like you did. Did that make any sense at all? I doubt it. Just smile and nod; that's what everyone else does:)! Anyway-KEEP WRITING! Or else! J/K, but seriously, keep lettin' those creative juices flow, and if you ever need a beta reader...
BRAVA! That was one of THE MOST WELL WRITTEN STORIES I HAVE READ IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! Frankly, I don't think that J.K. Rowlings could've done it better. But I LIKE Dumbledore, why did you make him so cold? And poor little Dracky, crying in front of the whole school! But I'm a big Draco/Hermione fan (recently getting over my "weird couples" fetish - get this, I put George Weasley with Hermione!) and this really hit the spot. Keep up the good work, okay, Gypsy?
Gypsy, this is extremely good! Make sure JKR never sees this, because she will be incredibly jealous!
I've heard much about your writing, which was supposedly 'good.' However, I never got around to reading it, for I usually dislike overly popular fanfiction authors works. I was looking for Draco and Hermione stuff on the summary searches, and I came across the first part of this fanfiction. After I completed it, I looked at the author, and alas, it was the author I never got around to looking at. Instinctively, I went to read the others, and I am astonished. You are not just a 'good' fanfiction writer, but an excellent. You have a good choice of words, and you truly make the characters come to life; suprisingly more than the famous J.K. Rowling. Everyone knows to see great works from you, including myself. Keep up the excellent work.
One of the reasons that I love this story so much is that, you don't focus so much of your attention on kissing, but the emotions and drama themselves...
I read this about a year ago, such refreshing tale has always been my favorite in . I enjoy it so much, I have it printed out and binded as a small book on my book shelf. Do read one of my stories, I'm new at this fanfiction business.


That was the best Hermonie/Draco story i've read!I love Draco! please write a sequel!
when i first read that story on your site, i became a Hermione/Draco shipper! i love your portrayal of them both! IT WAS SO GOOD IT MADE ME JEALOUS!
Gypsy, I first read this story on your webpage back in the beginning of January (I just discovered that it was on !). It was the first real piece of fan fiction I ever read. I loved it then, and I still love it today. You were the person who really changed my entire perception of Draco Malfoy. As a consequence of that, *my* first fan fic was a Draco/Hermione romance entitled, "To Love A Dragon." I'm working on its sequel currently. Anyway, back to your story, I really did love it. I know that you said on your website that it wasn't your favorite, but it really was very sweet. There were a few things I did not understand, such as Draco's bowing to Dumbledore, and Dumbledore making Draco stand up in the middle of the Great Hall, and you say "tears gone forever now" and then Draco cries at the end...but apart from that, it was great! I am fairly sure that I cried a few times while reading it the first time. I also like how you tied in your Snape story with this one, where Harry knows about Severus' long lost love...omg, I cried at that one too! I never would have guessed that you were 13 from your writing style, either. Very well done! :)
Wow! That was SOOOOOO good! I'm usualy opposed to all H/whoever except H/H, but you made this work! There's more right? Please write more!
Draco is such a girlie girl! other than that, it was a sweet story! Excellent writing but try to make the character more 'in character'. I mean, since when was Draco such a baby? But I admit it, I'm a sucker for corny, fluffy stories...

Yes, i have come to the conclusion that: this story is pure CRAP! BUT, th writing is excellent. I mean, if the people were just diff (instead of Hermi) and Draco wasnt such a wuss...i'd love this story. Dont hate me. I'm just trying to offer constructive criticism. You are an excellent writer, and can pull us readers into the story, helping us fell that we ARE with them. The fact remains thought that i think a draco/hermione pairing is pure crap and that Draco is not that big awussy...nevertheless...sucky story, great writing, okay plot. Write more!


I'm sorry, but..what CRAP! As if Draco would ever do this. He's too proud to not fight back. Why oh WHY do people insist that draco is actually a good guy at heart? And the dialogue's so wooden. Fix it. And I hate this stroy, but i like the writing. really, its decent writuing but the plot just sucks...hate malfoy.
i LOOOOVE your fic, honestly its my favourite of all the 308 that i've read.
This story is an honor to all of us who think that J.K. is really prejudiced toward the Slytherins. Thank you, c'est si bon!
It was awesome and really sweet but you shoudnt of swore 'cause harry is a kid story


I can't imagine Hermione with anyone else anymore...I hate it when people put Hermione with anyone but Draco pisses me off. Sweetheart I love you for writing THE BEST FAN FIC EVAH! Seriously, I'm despretly wishing Rowling puts Draco and Hermione together, if she doesn't I'm gonna cry for eternity. Ahh...I know you're workin on the third one looks goooood.
AWESOME. This is the BEST, most well-written fanfic I have ever read, and the coolest part is that you got everyone rooting for Draco (who, in my opinion, is one of the more interesting characters). Keep writing!
wow u must be so proud, the first ever D/Hr story written on Fanfiction! and it's a total plus considering how great the story is


Wow! I've been a little annoyed at the lack of genuinely good fanfics around at the moment, so I thought I'd read this one again, and it was just as good as I remembered! Ah, how sweet it is to look back on those "good old days" when there were still only about fifty pages of stories in the Harry Potter section. Nowadays, though it is becoming harder to find stories of this quality. Emotions - spot on! Dialogue - spot on! My only complaint (and this really is a minor niggle) is that the last scene was a bit too cliched. Never mind! I'm so glad I reread this - it's rekindled an interest in fanfiction which I thought I'd lost.
wow. melodramatic! kinda like me!
Amazing! Love and prejudice meet in this amazing love story. I truly think that there will be love in Draco's life. The immense love that Draco and Hermione show for each other brought tears to my eyes. I don't think that this story is really about Hogwarts, but more about a forbidden love.. Kind of Romeo and Julietish, but without the death. I loved it!
Oh my gosh... That was... the best story I have read...ever... I loved it. I laughed. I cried. I screamed. I sighed. He hated her. She hated him too. And yet they both wished, they could start anew. They met quite often, to just sit and talk, and their hearts slowly opened, like a key in a lock. But their friends grew suspicious, and hated the lovers. So they met secretly, for as not to blow their covers. He loves her. She loves him too. But with all their friends, they knew not what to do. Yet, as time went on, with the moments they share, they soon realised their friends did not care. As if it was fate, that day in the hall, and they finally secomed, to love's beckonning call.
As soon as I saw the notation that this was the original Draco/Hermione fic, the one that started the trend, I had to read it. I don't know if you're still around, but if you are, I wanted to say thanks for writing, no one has managed to best you yet.


Even though that was a very mixed up story, it was so beautifully written. You are an amazing writer! I loved the story.
I love it. Dumbledore seems kinda ooc, but I still enjoyed it
This site owes a lot to this author. I remember reading this 5 years ago, and it still impresses me. Gypsy is a good example of what every author on this site should try to be.
I have enjoyed your writing ever since I read it on your website, back before the glory days of HP. You made me fall in love with fan fictions. In a way, you are responsible for the way my life has been in the past half a decade. You write with talent, and this fic especially was masterful. Thanks.
wow. your story is beautiful. better than J.K. Rowling. it almost made me cry.
Lovely story. I always thought that Draco was just misunderstood.


lol i thought it was a little corny and cliched at the end but good job nonetheless


well of course it's mildly cliched; it's the first DHr story on the site.


Wow. I must say that this is an awesome story. I applaude you for being the first to write about this pairing. Anyway, I have a question. When Snape said 'But I did', did he mean Hermione or someone else? I am guessing someone else, but that's just because I like that particular pairing I'm thinking of... Anywho, I loved this story, and it is a great inspiration to everyone out there who writes for impossible seeming relationships.


The first D/Hr fanfiction... amazing. Funny how this one fic started like thousand of others and really, got this ship to be the largest on this website. FYI, check out the number of pages for Dramione, in a couple of months the page will be at [?] ! I'm an avid fan of other genres, I've got ships for a lot of stuff and I from time to time check on other ships of HP (not too read, god no!) to see their status and from what I've seen, the D/Hr section has the most fanfiction!
Wow... the 1st one... and well written too.


I just wanted to check out for some reason the very first fanfic, and here you are!

A legend, I must say:) You should be real proud of yourself!

And then I saw that you're also the one who started the Dramione fics - well, you're a double legend:)

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you:)

But have you really given up writing fanfic?:(

I mean, you, as the captain of the Dramione ship/HP fanfic ship are not to leave as long as the last fanfic writer leaves this ship...

or should I quote Dumbledore?

'I will only truly have left this ship when none here are loyal to me... Help will always be given at to those who ask for it.'

(okay, okay, I must have carried away myself a _bit_:D)

Anyway, it'd be nice to read something new from you, I hope you still have the sparkle to write.


Does that make her the god of the fandom then? [11]


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